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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Upcoming Changes to the FEP Line

Chemours is transitioning its water-based FEP coatings line, specifically 856G-200 and 856G-204 to 856G-300 and 856G-304; products that are already in production and use in Europe. These two new coatings have improved stability and shelf life, allowing us to supply you with better products that fit your evolving needs. The new 856G-3XX line has a shelf life of 12 months, double that of the previous 856G-2XX line while keeping the same performance characteristics and handling. We're looking to completely transition to the 856G-3XX line by July, 2018.

If you have concerns or technical questions about this transition, please contact Chris Lord at

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Intech's Warehouse Is Moving

Intech is planning a move for our warehouse and we wanted to give you ample notice to plan. Please see below for important dates.

Wednesday, January 31: Orders will ship as normal.

Thursday, February 1: Orders will be packed the previous evening. Because of this, orders for February 1st must be received by 12 P.M. EST on January 31st for shipment on 2/1. There will also be an early pickup on 2/1, so there will be no same day shipments that day.

Friday, February 2: There will be no shipments on February 2nd as the warehouse is closed.

Monday, February 5: The warehouse will reopen and operate as normal.

Any product returns should be sent to the following address:

Intech Warehouse
130 Executive Drive
Suite 3
Newark, DE 19702

All other mail (including payments) should continue to use the usual address:

Intech Services, Inc.
211 Lake Dr.
Suite J
Newark, DE 19702

As always, feel free to contact Intech Customer Service directly at 302-366-8530 with any questions or concerns.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I³ Webinar Series: Teflon™ Coatings in the Oil and Gas Industry

Our eighth webinar in the I³ Webinar Series is coming up soon! On January 23rd at 2:00PM EST, join Chris Dohl of Intech Services to learn more about Teflon™ Coatings in the Oil and Gas Industry! Register here for the thirty-minute, informative webinar at no cost.

In the harsh and corrosive outdoor environment of the oil and gas industry, coatings are necessary to help protect fasteners, valves, and pipes from rust, pitting and galling. The hydrophobic and chemically resistant nature of Teflon™ fluoropolymers, coupled with corrosion inhibitors, allows it to provide the salt resistance needed in an ocean environment as well as the protection against caustic chemicals down hole in wells and piping systems. Learn about our superior Teflon™ coatings and their applications in the oil and gas industry.

Samples: Know Before you Buy

We make it a priority to make sure that our customers know what they are getting. For this reason, we send out coated panels to be lab tested by our buyers. The panels can undergo tests such as crosshatch, release, chemical, and hardness testing. Many other tests can be done with these panels as well, depending on the facility’s unique requirements and quality testing capabilities. After this easy yet important step of testing, customers may buy the amount they need and can feel assured in their purchase.

We pride ourselves in our ability to help customers avoid wasting time and money. We give them the confidence they need to move forward with their purchase and their application.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Education: Know Before You Spray

Intech places a high value on educating the coating community. We provide programs such as the Intech Informational Institute (I3), onsite evaluation, and Virtual Paint®. We find it important to educate our customers on our product line and coating techniques to ensure the best use of our products. Because of our hands-on experience with our products, as well as face-to-face communication with customers, we are aware of common misconceptions, problems, and concerns. Utilizing this knowledge, we are able to focus on each individual customer’s needed education. Additionally, our workshops help customers to understand what applications they can use for their specific industry.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I³ Webinar Series: Teflon™ Coatings in the Molding Industry

Our seventh webinar in the I³ Webinar Series is coming up soon! On December 12th at 2:00PM EST, join Nicole McCall of Intech Services to learn more about Teflon™ Coatings in the Molding Industry! Register here for the thirty-minute, informative webinar at no cost.

The molding industry has long relied on manually applied release agents on their rubber or plastic molds during the manufacturing process. The procedure of applying these release agents is time consuming and expensive. Teflon™ coatings offer long-term solutions as a release agent for a variety of the products used in molding. Learn how your company can save money with Teflon™ coated molds.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I³ Webinar Series: Coating Cost Estimation

Our sixth webinar in the I³ Webinar Series is coming up soon! On November 28th at 2:00PM EST, join Chris Lord of Intech Services to learn more about Coating Cost Estimation! Register here for the thirty-minute, informative webinar at no cost.

With over 100 different products in the Teflon™ coating line, pricing a project correctly is essential for maximizing budgets and profits. Teflon™ coatings can be applied in various thicknesses and many have different surface area coverage and application techniques. The part shape and transfer efficiency of the material also play into estimating Teflon™ coating applications. Teflon™ coatings are known for having superior coverage in contrast to the discount copies. Know the real value of Teflon™ coatings with accurate costing calculations by joining us for this webinar.