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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Interview with Nicole McCall, Molding Market Segment Leader

Nicole McCall is the segment leader for Teflon™ applications in the Molding industry. We sat down and picked her brain about applications of Teflon finishes in the molding world. Read on to find out about current and future uses of Teflon coatings as a mold release agent.

: What problems are prevalent in the molding industry?
Many manufacturers rely on temporary mold release agents on their molds. While this may seem adequate, these temporary mold release agents simply do not provide consistent, long-term performanceCoating with Teflon provides a long lasting and more reliable solution for mold release.

What are the benefits of using Teflon coatings
Nicole: In working with manufacturers, we have been able to document many areas where Teflon coating has had a positive impact on their business. Some of these areas include improved product qua
lity and consistency, enhanced process efficiency, reduced cost of release agents and mold cleaning, fewer defects and scrap rates, as well as a decrease in demand for manpower. The benefits also include a safer work environment and reduced wastewater.

What Teflon co
ating system(s) work best for applications in the molding industry?
Nicole: Generally speaking, FEP is the top fluoropolymer coating for this industry.  However, depending on the specific process and materials being molded, PFA and PTFE may also be ideal candidates. My job is to find the system that works best for the specific end user environment.

Are there
new technologies in development for the molding industry?
Intech and the Chemours R&D team are actively working on new coating technologies that will provide even better durability and release. We are also working on new products for areas where our coatings have not been utilized in the past. It is exciting to see the growing interest in this market segment. I receive daily inquiries for new molding applications.

Q: What associations or trade shows within the industry are you involved in?
I am highly involved in the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). I will be attending ANTEC™ Indianapolis 2016, an SPE event. It is the largest, most respected and well-known technical conference in the plastics industry. I am looking forward to using this experience to find additional ways to serve the mold industry with Teflon coatings.

For further information on Teflon coatings in the molding industry, contact Intech Services Inc. at (302)366-8530, and ask for Nicole McCall.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Arrival of New 958G-313 Dry Lubrication Coating

Intech Services, Inc. is proud to announce the arrival of 958G-313 abrasion resistant, black, PTFE dry lubrication coatings. This product is closely related to 958G-303, which has been an industry standard for dry lubrication applications for decades.

958G-313, 0.6-0.8 mils dry film thickness (dft), provides another option for end-users and engineers who need more durability in a thin film coating. The addition of this coating to the list of quality Teflon™ finishes provides coaters and specifiers with four dry lubrication product choices to suit their performance coating needs!

958G-303 is still recommended for dry lubrication in a thin film; however, if added durability is required, we now have both thick and thin film options to choose from:

  • 958G-406 (4 mils dft) abrasion resistant, black
  • 958G-414 (4 mils max dft) extra abrasion resistant, dark green
  • 958G-313 (0.6-0.8 mils dft) abrasion resistant, black

All of these products are in stock at Intech Services with no required minimum order quantity to purchase.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Best Cleaner for Powder Coating

Since there are several ways to clean powder coated parts before the pretreatment process, it can be hard to decide what exactly is the best, most appropriate way for your individual procedure. There is no “best” way to clean, but there are several techniques to cleaning properly and efficiently. The cleaning procedure you choose often depends on:
  • Work piece base metal
  • Temperature of bath
  • Soil being removed
  • Environment
  • Contact time
  • Oil removal capabilities
It is extremely important to clean parts safely and effectively so that the pretreatment process goes smoothly. In order to determine the best course of action to take, speak with a pretreatment supplier.

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Intech Team's Wellness Challenge

The Intech Team is always looking for ways to support and motivate our employees to achieve better health and wellness. Our Wellness Team is back at it again this month, promoting healthy habits with a four-week fitness challenge. The friendly competition will last through the month of April and will result in not just one, but several winners who will receive cash money prizes!

Each participant contributed ten dollars to the pool at the beginning of the month. The challenge began on April 1st and urges Intech Services participants to sweat their way to a healthier lifestyle by fitting in at least 30 minutes of exercise into each day of the month.

Employees will keep track of their fitness on a star chart. Each star will be used to show that an employee worked out for at least 30 consecutive minutes on a specific date by walking, jogging, sprinting, lifting, or other activities. If the employee has 12 stars by the end of the month, he or she will win their money back. 16 stars will double the participant’s dollars. More than 20 stars will triple his or her return! So, what is there to lose (besides unhealthy habits)? The Intech Team is pumped for the double benefits of staying fit and winning prizes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pretreatment/Wash System for Powder Coatings vs. Liquid Paints

When powder coatings efficiently cover a treated part, they provide superior performance over that of liquid paints; however, it is imperative to ensure the wash process for parts is completed thoroughly. Solvent-borne paints are more tolerant of soils left on the piece due to insufficient cleaning.

Powder does not have solvents, so it is necessary to make sure that the washer cleans the parts well. The high cleaning standard for powder-coated parts has the added bonus of generally being a good practice to maintain.

Iron phosphate is the most common powder coating pretreatment used. For a higher level of performance, zinc phosphate works impressively well with powder.

For more information on the TCI Powder Coatings we offer, see our website.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Intech's Guest Bartending Fundraiser Huge Hit!

On March 3rd, The Community Service Team and staff and Intech Services hosted its first fundraiser at Catherine Rooney’s Trolley Square location. The guest bartending night featured a DJ, free food, prizes, and culminated with a live auction. Every dollar raised, through tips to bartenders, raffle or auction items, or 50/50 ticket sales, went directly to Camp Colwell, a week long summer camp for children of the Delaware National Guard men and women.

When the Community Service team began planning, the goal was to raise $5,000.00 for the camp. Thanks to the generous sponsors and business partners who donated prizes to be raffled or auctioned off, the team, with help from everyone at Intech Services, gathered over 20 donations. A special thank you to Catherine Rooney's for donating the space, servers, and food for the event, Nick Vavala for DJing, and Sarah Gaspero of Tuleya Photography for the capturing so many wonderful moments throughout the night. 

The live auction items included a week in Key West at the Swaying Palms, a two-night stay at The Hyatt Place in Dewey Beach, a round of golf for four at Hartefeld National, and four tickets to the Eagles vs. Ravens game in Baltimore. Other lucky winners walked away with some amazing raffle prizes including an autographed puck by the Philadelphia Flyers, an iPad mini, custom jewelry pieces, photography sessions, and so much more.

With so many great prizes to win and the enthusiasm of the guest bartenders soliciting tips from patrons, Intech was able to raise $8,636.00 for Camp Colwell, far exceeding the original goal. The Community Service team is thrilled with the support for and success of the night. Kim King, head of Camp Colwell, received the donation on behalf of the camp and invited Intech down this summer to see the hard-earned money in action making a difference in the lives of kids.
President Mike Patterson and one of our very generous donors, Brandon from Premiere Auto
Intech's Ken Barnes smoothly serves behind the bar

Intech's Francesca Vavala and Camp Colwell's Kim King taking a moment to enjoy the success of the night
Intech's VP Chris Dohl wins big and comes to claim his prize

So many great prizes to choose from

None of this would be possible without these donors

Intech's April Monigle, Page Brooks, and Vicki Bobeck work the raffle table

Intech's Andrew Barnes takes a break to point out some of his favorite raffle items

Intech's Nicole McCall, Page Brooks and members of the Delaware National Guard.

Community Service Team member Erin Long keeps the raffle table in order

Intech's Nicole McCall pumps up the crowd as they select their favorite items

Community Service Team lead Andrew Barnes pours, serves, and raises money all at the same time

The live auction gets started and bidders were in it to win it
Mark Berry shows off the University of Delaware winter jacket to a crowd of ladies

President Mike Patterson and Intech's Community Service team members: April Monigle, Andrew Barnes, Francesca Vavala, Ashley Louth, and Erin Long
The Community Service Team and President Mike Patterson present Kim King with a check for $8,636

Monday, March 14, 2016

Automotive Segment Spotlight on Chris Lord

Within the automotive industry, the use of Teflon is driven by vehicle enhancements and the need for light-weighting vehicles. Better fuel efficiency and anti-squeak, quiet cars both influence the coating industry as well. Teflon materials can soften the NVH (noise vibration or harshness) of the car and protect the car from vibration, corrosion, and over-lubrication. Teflon provides vehicles with enhancements that allow them to function correctly while staying under warranty and solves problems with anticorrosion, dry lubrication, and noise cancellation properties.

Automotive is a highly specified industry, and many people attempt to promote Teflon-like coatings. Yet, Teflon is the original. It is not a mere copy or tweaked version of coating. Nonetheless, Teflon consistently tries to look for ways to improve its product, and as specs and cars get more challenging and increasingly better, manufacturers want to utilize a company that they can trust.

Customers are encouraged to contact Chris Lord with any questions about internal operating efficiency, dry lubrication, thin film, durability, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and more.

For more information regarding the automotive industry, contact Automotive Market Segment Leader, Chris Lord:

Office: (302) 366-8530 x 104

Cell: (302) 547-1610