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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DuPont Teflon* Multi-Coat System

DuPont Teflon* Multi-Coat Systems
459N-21100, 456N-21200/21200, & 456N-21300 This system is similar to the old "Supra" system (459-780, 456-187, 456-480). However, this improved product line features the On-Smooth primer technology which provides outstanding adhesion to smooth aluminum. For optimum adhesion, a light grit blast is recommended. The topcoat combines a small amount of PFA with the PTFE for outstanding nonstick and release.

459N-41105, 456N-41250, & 456N-41350
This product line is an improved version of the 857-line products. This is the premium product line for food processing end-uses that require nonstick and abrasion / scratch resistance. The filled primer utilizes the On-Smooth technology. For additional durability, fillers have been added to the midcoat layer. The redesigned topcoat combines a small amount of PFA and PTFE for improved nonstick and release characteristics.

459N-11100 & 456N-11200
We have had great results with this new two coat system. The primer layer features On-Smooth technology as well as fillers for additional durability. The pure topcoat provides excellent release and nonstick characteristics. This product line is a great upgrade from traditional one-coat technology at a great price.

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