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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Product Information & PFA Sale

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 New Product from DuPont - 958-406

958-406 is a PTFE low-bake, solvent-based one coat, which was designed for easy and flexible application combined with a balance of  excellent properties. It offers excellent adhesion, a low friction surface and good corrosion resistance while providing a hard and wear resistant coating for general industrial use. 

958-406 is called "low bake" because it has a bake time of 30 min at 356* F providing full adhesion and excellent performance.  The low-bake capability may allow this product to  be used on substrates such as some plastics and thin gauge metals that cannot typically be coated with high temperature curing coatings.

The material can be applied at a thickness up to 40-50μm per coat, but can be applied thinner if needed, by means of dilution. The material can also be applied in 2 coats to reach a final thickness of ~ 80μm. 

Adhesion on steel and aluminum has been tested by Cross Hatch (ASTM D-3359-92A) and found to be perfect. It was also tested after a Pressure Cooker Test where the cross hatched panel was exposed to a steam at 302° F for 50 hours, and had excellent adhesion. 

Corrosion resistance was tested in Soaking Test under severe conditions of 10% NaCl at 176° F for 100 hours. No blisters, creep, or adhesion loss were observed even when applied on smooth, cold rolled steel. 

Wear resistance was measured by Thrust Abrasion Tester.  The coating reached a typical PV ratio of 18,500 kgf/cm2*cm/s when tested under a speed of 1000mm/sec. The weight loss measured on the Taber Abrasion Tester was 0.0305 g with wheel CS17 loaded with 1000gr and after 1000 cycles. 

Qualitative Comparison to 958-303

Product     Maximum DFT     Lowest Cure Temp    Optimal Cure  Temp        Salt  Spray       
Wear Resistance
958-303             25 µm                  482° F                   662° F                          ++                       ++
953-406             80 µm                  356° F                   356° F                         +++                     +++

Contact Intech Services for more detailed information on this new product. 

 532-7100 PFA Sale!!!

Through September 30, 2007, or while supplies last, we are offering 532-7100 White PFA Topcoat for a special price of $1,125 per 10 KG pail.  This represents a savings of over 20%! 

As background, 532-7100 is a white analog of 532-5010 PFA.  It can achieve film builds up to 10 mils.  We recommend using this product with 420-703 black primer. 

The product is a great choice for food processing, pharmaceutical, and other applications that require the outstanding performance of PFA.  The white color makes it a great choice for clean room equipment.  

The DuPont Fact Sheet and MSDS are available to registered users in the "My Company Documents" section of the Intech website.  
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Contact us today to take advantage of this great offer. 


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