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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Complete Respirator Selection

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 Complete Respirator Selection

It’s All Here!
Intech Services has assembled a complete selection of all the safety respirator equipment an industrial coater needs to get the job done safely.  And it’s all on one easy to evaluate section on CoaterONE at

What respirator equipment do you currently use?
Cartridges, or Filters, or Cartridge/Filter Combos?
Halfpiece Masks or Fullpiece Masks?
Reusable or Non Reusable Masks?
Dust Masks?

CoaterONE has it all plus respirator accessories, replacement parts, and fit test equipment.

Quality Products – Dependable Delivery – Competitive Pricing

 Did You Know?
A respirator cartridge starts working from the moment you open the package it shipped in, whether it is being used occasionally or constantly.  The environment in the facility will determine how long the wearer of the cartridge is protected from the air born toxins for which it was designed to shield him or her from. 
There are recommended procedures that management can use to evaluate the environment, estimate cartridge expiration and replace in time to assure the coater’s safety.  The cartridge wearer cannot determine when the cartridge has expired because toxic air has no telltale taste or smell.
For comprehensive information about all aspects of respirator usage, sign in on CoaterONE with your Username and Password, select “Personal Protection” from the blue menu on the left, and select “respirators” on the top right of the page.

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