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Friday, September 3, 2010

New From DuPont - Powder Primer

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 New Powder Primer for PFA & FEP - 532-42231

To meet the need for a complete powder offering, DuPont has created a powder primer system for PFA and FEP powder topcoats.  While this product is new to the US general industrial market, it has already demonstrated some very exciting characteristics that will allow applicators to increase their efficiency and reduce processing time.  

Thick Film DFT Capability - Because it is a powder technology, 532-42231 can reach dry film thicknesses of 3-4 mils.  This is unique for primers and will be useful for projects requiring thick total film thicknesses.      

Topcoat over Primer - Powder topcoats can be applied directly over 523-42231and cured in a single bake!  This attribute will save considerable time and energy during the application process. 

FDA Compliant - When used with FDA conforming PFA and FEP topcoats (powder or liquid).

Excellent Adhesion - The powder primer has demonstrated outstanding adhesion to gritblasted aluminum and aluminized steel substrates.  

Evironmentally Friendly - The product has very low VOC's compared to solvent based primer systems.

Thermal Stability - 532-42231 has a maximum continuous temperature of 500° F.

Contact Intech Services for more detailed information on this new product. 
 Improved Liquid Ruby Red Technology

858N-917 is a new, improved liquid Ruby Red topcoat designed for excellent permeation resistance for use in the Chemical Process Industry. It can be applied on aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel. Multiple layers can be applied at 3-6 mils each and then built up to  25 mils. 

As with 858-916, a clear PFA topcoat such as 857N-110 is applied at 2-3 mils to "seal" the Ruby Red layer.

The Liquid Ruby Red technology was developed to be used for interior tank coatings, where traditional powder topcoats are difficult, if not impossible to apply.  Additionally, the technology allows applicators to build thick coatings on thin metal parts that normally would not hold enough heat to hot flock powder topcoats.

In addition to improvements in ease of application, 858N-917 also provides improved permeation resistance over 858-916.  Additional hours (after standard Atlas Cell test) before blistering observed in the top layer:

                    @300° C     @ 340° C

        12 hours      1 hour
858N-917      15 hours     12 hours

We encourage you to consider this product for your next chemical process project.  The team at Intech is available to discuss additional product application and process details for your particular part.


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