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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Production Tip

Another "Little Thing" to help save money

Sometimes the introduction of a new product or a variation of an old product into your shop will improve process, employee safety and save dollars.

Many spray guns operators wear shop gloves made of cotton or jersey to cover and protect their hands. “Over spray” will soak into these glove materials and if the gloves are not changed often the skin will become irritated even damaged.

Our customers give high marks to the Yellow Cotton/Poly Knit Glove, “Palm” Dipped in Blue Latex. They tell us that this glove:

1. Provides the dexterity required for 
2. Repels wet coatings so skin on fingers and hands stays healthy
3. Stays in service much longer than the standard cotton or jersey shop glove
4. Provides substantial savings in supply material cost when used during spray coating instead of non latex dipped cotton or jersey gloves

For these and hundreds of other gloves used by the industrial coater visit

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