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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Industrial Coater Shop Supplies

CoaterONE, an Intech Services Company is the One-Stop Shop for all your coating needs.

Tired of spending your valuable time hunting down suppliers and cutting multiple purchase orders for the materials you need just to keep the business running?
Now you don’t have to, thanks to CoaterONE at; the comprehensive new resource for the industrial coatings industry.

While distributing industrial finishes to coaters of all types and sizes all over the U.S. for the past 19 years, Intech assembled the most comprehensive selection of the products you need to run your shop; everything from shop gloves to industrial ovens.

Call Tony at Intech Services (302-366-8530) to schedule a 10 minute online/telephone presentation of CoaterONE or visit and browse.

Quality Products - Great Prices - Delivery at Your Door Step

The Green Monster

 Introducing the Green Monster

While the left field wall in Fenway Park is not coated in Teflon®, there is another “green monster” in the game.  Perhaps you were not aware that Intech Services, Inc. carries a PTFE product that, along with good co-efficient of friction qualities and operating temperature ratings, is also reinforced with fillers to provide good abrasion resistance.  The product is 958-414, a Dark Green PTFE, is a member of the Teflon® S family of products, and is available today.
Early returns on this product have been very favorable with coaters using it in the Automotive industries and many other industrial environments.   One quality about 958-414 is that it cures at a relatively low temperature, 355°F, but provides the end user with a continuous operating temperature rating of up to 400F.  The formulation of this coating also allows multiple film builds prior to doing a final cure.  This coating is not FDA compliant, so it is not recommended for use in the food industry, but with its unique properties it can be valuable in many industries.

"This coating is as tough as nails, with nice slip," Rich
We are excited to include 958-414 in our arsenal of coatings, much like pitchers on the field at Fenway use their Green Monster as a tool in their bag.  
If you'd like to try the Green Monster, order a gallon.  It's in stock here at Intech. 

To expand your knowledge and understanding of the DuPont Teflon® coating line, consider attending our next I³ Teflon® Products Training Seminar scheduled on June 15 & 16, 2010.  Visit to learn more about DuPont Teflon® Industrial Finishes line and I³ Intech Information Institue.
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INTECH Services
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CoaterONE e-marketplace
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back to Basics

 Back to Basics - Managing Customer Relationships & Finding New Business


It’s more important than ever, in a slow business climate to go back to the basics.  Taking a customer’s loyalty to you and your organization for granted often leads to the loss of that customer’s business.

The following are tips to solidifying the relationships you have with the most important facet of your business:  Your Customer.

Stay close to your customer

Now more than ever is the time to nurture the relationship you have with your customer.  You can count on your competition knocking on his door.  They’re slashing prices, paying attention to your customer and trying their best to get a foot in the door.

General “Customer Satisfaction” Survey

A survey is a great way to proactively uncover objections and concerns that could lead to your customer looking at alternative solutions.  The survey could be taken on the phone or in person by sales or customer service people.  Your customer will appreciate the effort and the dialogue often leads to additional opportunity.

Analyze your customer base

Review present and past sales activity of each customer.  Assess opportunity there might be to re-acquire lost business and/or grow current business.

Analyze your list of companies that used your services in the past.  Re-engage old customers to see if they are open to evaluating your services again.

Talk to others in your organization

Seek out people who might be more familiar with the history current and old customers have had with your organization.  They may have insight into why a piece of business was lost and what it would take to get it back.  You might find that people who were involved in the customer’s decision to stop using your services aren’t even there anymore.

Often a fresh face and new efforts will re open doors that have been long closed.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email your input to Tony.  

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INTECH Services
The Sole US & Canadian Distributor for DuPont Teflon* Finishes

CoaterONE e-marketplace
Online Purchasing & Information Resource for the Coating Industry

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Focus on Sales

 5 Sales Fundamentals to Focus on in These Crazy Times

In this economy and during this time of year it can be easy to let your guard down and stop paying attention to some sales fundamentals that have made you successful in the past. But, in fact it’s more important than ever that you’re consistently professional with the way you manage a sales opportunity.
The following data is from: How Clients Buy: 2009 Benchmark Report on Professional Services Marketing and Selling from the Client Prospective. 
38% of buyers reported that the service provider “did not listen to what I was saying.” 55% of these buyers said they would be “much more likely” to consider the provider if they improved in this area. It never hurts to take a step back when you’re speaking with a customer and listen to yourself. Examine your listening skills.
Asking Questions
Without questioning it is difficult to uncover your customer’s needs. They’re not the expert, they often don’t know what to tell you and if you don’t ask the right questions, your chances of developing a fair even poor solution for your customer increases.
30% of buyers said providers “do not understand my needs” and 63% of the same buyers would “be much more likely” to consider the provider if they improved in this area.
Developing Compelling Solutions
If you are not listening and not asking probing questions it makes sense that 22% of buyers say service providers “did not offer a compelling solution.” And, 63% of buyers would be “much more likely” to consider purchasing services with an improvement in this area.
Timely Response
30% of buyers said service providers “did not respond to my request in a timely manner.” 57% said they would be “much more likely” to consider a service provider if they improved.
A buyers experience during the sales process is a test run for working with you as a customer. His perception is that if you’re late before you’ve gotten the business, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll be late for the delivery of your products and services.
Use Good Examples
Into your conversation weave specific examples of customers you have worked with in their industry with the same sort of needs. It shows that you are hearing what their saying, that you understand their needs and the service providers experience with similar situations gives you real credibility.
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INTECH Services
The Sole US & Canadian Distributor for DuPont Teflon* Finishes

CoaterONE e-marketplace
Online Purchasing & Information Resource for the Coating Industry

Intech Services, Inc      7 McMillan Way #101   Newark, DE  19713        Office (302) 366-8530

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Intech Workshop Filled

The positive reponse to Intech's Teflon* Products & Sales Workshop far exceeded all expectations.  In less than a week after posting dates and agenda on, the class has been filled.  

We are planning to hold this workshop again and will post dates when they are established.

Tony Abato

Intech Services, Inc.

Supplier Comparision

Check this out.
A price comparison of some of the most popular products on CoaterONE with the same products / brands offered by three of the best known suppliers in our industry.

Supplier ULINE Grainger McMaster CoaterONE
1/2 Face Piece 3MR6200, 3MR6300 $12.00 $14.74 n/a $8.99
Full Face Piece 3MR6800, 3MR 6900 $130.00 $140.00 n/a $109.99
Particulate Respirator 3M8511/ 10pk $21.00 $24.02 $29.48 $15.99
Respirator Cartridges
3M6001 – Organic Vapor $10.00 $10.62 $9.56 $7.99
3M6003 – Organic Vapor/Acid Gas $11.00 $12.35 $10.52 $9.49
3M6006 – Mulit Gas/Vapor $12.00 $13.88 $11.61 $8.99
Respirator Accessories
Particulate Filter 3MR 5N11 10/pk $14.00 $17.90 $14.16 $12.49
Filter Adapter 3MR502  20/pk $31.00 $51.00 $39.20 $28.99
Cartridge / Filter Combo 
3M60923 - Organic Vapor/Acid Gas, P100 2pk n/a $23.31 $20.75 $17.49
Kapton* Tape
1/2" x 36 yds Roll $15.00 n/a n/a $5.78
1" x 36yds Roll $31.00 n/a n/a $11.56
Kevlar-with Dots - 12 pair $65.00 $77.88 $66.12 $59.88
Latex Powder-Free - Box of 100 $8.00 $9.00 n/a $4.49
Nitrile Powder-Free 4mil - Box of 100 $8.00 $9.11 n/a $6.49
Nitrile Powder-Free 8mil - Box of 100 $14.00 $25.45 n/a $6.99
Paper Towels Scott Brawny Generic Scott
20 Rolls per case $46.00 $95.00 $36.83 $34.13
Personal Safety
Foam Earplugs 200 Pairs  $30.00 $31.60 $30.17 $28.15
Uvex* Wrap around Saftey Glasses $7.95 $9.16 n/a $7.57
Valeo* Back Support w/Suspenders, 9" Belt $29.00 n/a n/a $13.99
Tyvek* Coveralls
Elastic Wrist and Ankle 25/case $150.00 $160.75 $140.00 $109.99

Quality Products – Dependable Delivery – Competitive Pricing

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INTECH Services
The Sole US & Canadian Distributor for DuPont Teflon* Finishes

CoaterONE e-marketplace
Online Purchasing & Information Resource for the Coating Industry

7 McMillan Way #101   Newark, DE  19713        Office (302) 366-8530

Performance Test Results

 DuPont Multi-Coat Systems Offer Better Value than the Competition

Over the years, DuPont has developed many coating technologies for the consumer segment that prove to be very successful for industrial applications.  The old versions of SilverStone*, SilverStone Supra*, and 857-line have been replaced by a new generation of superior coatings from DuPont.  These products continue to demonstrate exceptional levels of durability, release, and thermal resistance in a number of industries such as food processing, packaging, office automation, and molding. 

                                                Series 1 (459N-11xxx line) and Series 4 (459N-411xx)

DuPont recently tested their Series 1 and Series 4 coating lines against a well established competitive three coat system.  The results confirmed our feelings that the DuPont products are an excellent choice for applications that require high levels of durability, release, and thermal resistance. 

More importantly, we learned that the Series 1 products offer exceptional performance at a considerably lower price than its competitive alternative.  If you have not utilized these products, we encourage you to evaluate them on your next project. 

Below is a summary of the relative test results.  Please contact Chris Dohl at Intech Services for a copy of this data in .pdf format.  Chris can also provide you with more specific test results on these excellent Dupont Coatings. 

Performance Tests
In addition to tests that determine the quality of coating application, DuPont uses a set of performance tests. These tests show coating performance, and are therefore useful benchmarks for comparison with existing coatings, as well as in the development of new ones.

Taber Abrasion
(Avg Wear - mg / Kcycle)
Coefficient of Friction
Applied Cost
($ / FT2)

DuPont Series 1
(459N-11xxx line)
Two - Coat System

4 / 5 Stars
4.5 / 5 Stars
4 / 5 Stars

DuPont Series 4
(459N-41xxx line)
Three Coat System
5 / 5 Stars
4.5 / 5 Stars
2 / 5 Stars

Three Coat System
5 / 5 Stars
4 / 5 Stars
2 / 5 Stars

* Small number of samples tested. Results dependent on coating application and substrate preparation.
Sample Preparation: Cold rolled steel panels were prepared and coated according to fact sheet recommendations. DFTs were approximately 1.5 mil.
Taber Abrasion
The Taber Abrasion test method determines the resistance of coatings to abrasion. This test method is normally used to rank coatings rather than placing significance on the numerical values themselves. The coating is subjected to a set number of cycles per ASTM D 4060-95 and the weight loss is measured and normalized to remove variability due to film thickness differences.
Coefficient of Friction
Coefficient of Friction testing determines how “slippery” a coating is. A weight is pulled across a coating’s surface at a specified speed. The force required to move the weight from a standstill (static) as well as to continue motion (kinetic) is measured, resulting in coefficient of friction values for the two cases. The lower the value determined, the more “slippery” the coating surface.


Why Roll Teflon Coatings?

It is recommended that Teflon* Coatings be mixed by rolling the container in which it is delivered before it's first use and the first time the container is opened each day.  It is also recommended that it be rolled several times throughout the day it is being used.  This will contribute to consistent quality of application throughout the product's shelf life. 

First mixing should be accomplished on a roller system at approximately 30 RPM for 30 minutes.  Mixing during the day for 10 minutes each time at 30 RPM is sufficient.

Use of impeller type mixers could result in a "sheer" affect on the floropolymers in the liquid, adversely impacting the quality of the coating.  Automated shakers and tumblers are not recommended, as their motion is too aggressive and can cause the liquid to separate potentially damaging the coating material.

Intech Services has introduced a custom designed and manufactured rolling machine built to roll your Teflon* material properly every time.

        - Specifically designed to meet DuPont product specifications

        - Developed for Teflon* coatings contained in 1 gal. cans, 1 gal. jugs and 5 gal. pails - One machine for all sizes.

        - Variable speed selection for each size

        - Made for industrial environment

        - Solid steel bars, cast in urethane and precision ground
        - Gloss white, high quality reinforced fiberglass base with wide footprint for stability during operation

        - 120 V, 60 Htz

        - All parts are line replaceable
        - One year warranty on all parts and labor

Click here for more information or call Intech at (302) 366-8530 for more information.

Precision Quincy Ovens

Intech Services is pleased to report that Precision Quincy Corporation Industrial Ovens are the newest addition to our CoaterONE product offering.

Heavy Duty Walk-In Ovens - High Temp Walk-In Ovens - Bench, Laboratory, Truck Ovens - Low Temperature Walk-In Ovens

And here's why we like Precision Quincy Ovens:

 - Established reputation for high quality products
 - Competitive pricing & value
 - Outstanding support and service after the sale
 - Quick, reliable turnaround & on time delivery
 - No hidden costs
 - Refurbishment services for PQ and non PQ ovens

Click Here to learn more!

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