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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back to Basics

 Back to Basics - Managing Customer Relationships & Finding New Business


It’s more important than ever, in a slow business climate to go back to the basics.  Taking a customer’s loyalty to you and your organization for granted often leads to the loss of that customer’s business.

The following are tips to solidifying the relationships you have with the most important facet of your business:  Your Customer.

Stay close to your customer

Now more than ever is the time to nurture the relationship you have with your customer.  You can count on your competition knocking on his door.  They’re slashing prices, paying attention to your customer and trying their best to get a foot in the door.

General “Customer Satisfaction” Survey

A survey is a great way to proactively uncover objections and concerns that could lead to your customer looking at alternative solutions.  The survey could be taken on the phone or in person by sales or customer service people.  Your customer will appreciate the effort and the dialogue often leads to additional opportunity.

Analyze your customer base

Review present and past sales activity of each customer.  Assess opportunity there might be to re-acquire lost business and/or grow current business.

Analyze your list of companies that used your services in the past.  Re-engage old customers to see if they are open to evaluating your services again.

Talk to others in your organization

Seek out people who might be more familiar with the history current and old customers have had with your organization.  They may have insight into why a piece of business was lost and what it would take to get it back.  You might find that people who were involved in the customer’s decision to stop using your services aren’t even there anymore.

Often a fresh face and new efforts will re open doors that have been long closed.

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