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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Focus on Sales

 5 Sales Fundamentals to Focus on in These Crazy Times

In this economy and during this time of year it can be easy to let your guard down and stop paying attention to some sales fundamentals that have made you successful in the past. But, in fact it’s more important than ever that you’re consistently professional with the way you manage a sales opportunity.
The following data is from: How Clients Buy: 2009 Benchmark Report on Professional Services Marketing and Selling from the Client Prospective. 
38% of buyers reported that the service provider “did not listen to what I was saying.” 55% of these buyers said they would be “much more likely” to consider the provider if they improved in this area. It never hurts to take a step back when you’re speaking with a customer and listen to yourself. Examine your listening skills.
Asking Questions
Without questioning it is difficult to uncover your customer’s needs. They’re not the expert, they often don’t know what to tell you and if you don’t ask the right questions, your chances of developing a fair even poor solution for your customer increases.
30% of buyers said providers “do not understand my needs” and 63% of the same buyers would “be much more likely” to consider the provider if they improved in this area.
Developing Compelling Solutions
If you are not listening and not asking probing questions it makes sense that 22% of buyers say service providers “did not offer a compelling solution.” And, 63% of buyers would be “much more likely” to consider purchasing services with an improvement in this area.
Timely Response
30% of buyers said service providers “did not respond to my request in a timely manner.” 57% said they would be “much more likely” to consider a service provider if they improved.
A buyers experience during the sales process is a test run for working with you as a customer. His perception is that if you’re late before you’ve gotten the business, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll be late for the delivery of your products and services.
Use Good Examples
Into your conversation weave specific examples of customers you have worked with in their industry with the same sort of needs. It shows that you are hearing what their saying, that you understand their needs and the service providers experience with similar situations gives you real credibility.
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