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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Green Monster

 Introducing the Green Monster

While the left field wall in Fenway Park is not coated in Teflon®, there is another “green monster” in the game.  Perhaps you were not aware that Intech Services, Inc. carries a PTFE product that, along with good co-efficient of friction qualities and operating temperature ratings, is also reinforced with fillers to provide good abrasion resistance.  The product is 958-414, a Dark Green PTFE, is a member of the Teflon® S family of products, and is available today.
Early returns on this product have been very favorable with coaters using it in the Automotive industries and many other industrial environments.   One quality about 958-414 is that it cures at a relatively low temperature, 355°F, but provides the end user with a continuous operating temperature rating of up to 400F.  The formulation of this coating also allows multiple film builds prior to doing a final cure.  This coating is not FDA compliant, so it is not recommended for use in the food industry, but with its unique properties it can be valuable in many industries.

"This coating is as tough as nails, with nice slip," Rich
We are excited to include 958-414 in our arsenal of coatings, much like pitchers on the field at Fenway use their Green Monster as a tool in their bag.  
If you'd like to try the Green Monster, order a gallon.  It's in stock here at Intech. 

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