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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Measure Coating Thickness

The Smart Way to Measure Coating Thickness by Fischer Technologies
System Concept

The Fischer Coating Thickness Measurement System combines all essential components, measurement application, measurement capture and measurement processing on a LCD display.

Hand held instruments operating according to the Magnetic Induction and Eddy Current methods have become the industry standard for fast, accurate and nondestructive coating thickness measurement on steel and nonferrous metals.  Use of these portable, light-weight and hand held instruments has steadily increased, particularly where corrosion protective coatings are involved.

Together, Fischer Technologies and Intech Services has hand selected the right thickness gauge instruments for your needs.

We have also assembled a full line of Fischer Dualscope® instruments and probes designed to be used on any type of metal surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why take measurements?

One of the most important quality criteria in the Teflon® Coating process is the adherence to defined coating thickness specifications.  Quality control is imperative for coaters to ensure that the appropriate film thickness is achieved.  Final performance of the coating is directly related to optimal coating thickness.

Many Qualtity Programs and end-use specifications require documented reporting of coating thickness readings.  The Fischer product line has the capability to easily capture readings and transmit the data to your computer.

Who can make measurements?

Anyone in your facility - sprayers, quality assurance, general managers.  Members of the sales team also find it useful to be able to determine coating thickness of coated parts.

Special skills and training are not required.  Particular emphasis has been given to clear, straight forward display and instrument design. 

How long does measurement take?

It take only a few seconds.  Position the probe and read the coating thickness measurement.  If desired, save the measurement with the push of a button.  Calibration is also very simple and fast.

Where can you measure?

Practically anywhere.  The entire instrument, consisting of the instrument and probe is small, pocket sized and portable.  With no need for an external electrical supply, the instrument is ready to take measurements at any time.

We also carry a full line of probes designed to provide accurate readings on a wide variety of part types and geometries.

Click here to see coating thickness gauges

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 Did You Know?
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