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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Knight's Armor PFA

 Introducing Knight's Armor PFA - 532-13032 


Knight's Armor PFA
In Medieval Times, A Knight’s Armor provided vital protection against existing and newly developed weaponry during this particularly violent period.   While we no longer live in Medieval Times, of course unless you participate in Renaissance Faires, billions of dollars are spent annually developing products to protect us and the products we use. 
While PFA coatings, in general, have excellent abrasion resistant qualities (toughness), DuPont has taken abrasion resistance to another level within the PFA line.   Taber abrasion tests have shown that the molecular weight of a coating plays a critical factor in abrasion resistance; the higher the molecular weight the better the abrasion resistance.  DuPont has combined a high molecular weight PFA with silicone carbide fillers to produce Knight's Armor 532-13032, the most abrasion resistant coating in the PFA family. 
532-13032 is an FDA approved gray powder that combines a unique balance of strength and excellent release which is unparallel in the industry.   532-13032 has been developed for environments where you need the chemical resistance, release and operating temperature ratings that are inherent in PFA.   And, for an end use that requires extra abrasion resistance, Knight's Armor 532-13032 will put your coating recommendation at the top of the competitive bid list. 
As in Medieval Times, the higher quality the armor, the stronger the Knight. When you think about it, any Teflon® coating that you apply to a substrate is like giving it a high quality “suit of armor”.

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