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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Teflon* Spray Training Workshop

Introducing a New Workshop from the Intech Information Institute:
Tuesday, November 15 2011.

VirtualPaint® Training for DuPont Fluoropolymer Liquid Coatings

Intech Services has teamed with the Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) of the University of Northern Iowa to create an innovative liquid spray training workshop geared specifically toward educating industrial fluoropolymer coating applicators.  This one day training course, utilizing the VirtualPaint® training system, will allow attendees to do the following:

  • Learncoating techniques from a specialist and practice on the VirtualPaint® system
  • Get real-time results for transfer efficiency, coating thickness, and liquid waste
  • Refine spray technique such as distance control and triggering on various part geometries  
  • Review common coating errors and troubleshooting
  • Increase understandingof the DuPont Teflon® Industrial Finishes product line
  • Learn about DuPont recommended procedures for material storage, preparation, and handling, quality assurance, and testing. 

The VirtualPaint® system utilizes actual spray equipment on a virtual surface that calculates application performance in real time.  This class is targeted for both the experienced and new paint applicator, shop supervisor or anyone involved in the application process. 

One way to counter the rising costs of coatings is to invest in yourpeople and improve their application technique so that product waste and rework situations are minimized. 

Class size is limited to twelve attendees.  As of today, we only have 6 seats available, so register today. 

Additional Information Links:
Workshop Brochure
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