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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gen X Update

DuPont has committed to no longer make, buy or use perfluorooctanoic acid, (PFOA) by 2015, or earlier if possible.

A new DuPont technology includes a processing aid that enables DuPont to make fluoropolymers without the use of PFOA. With this new technology, DuPont has commercialized products for Industrial Fluoropolymers.  

The new DuPont technology is more sustainable and includes unique environmental exposure control technologies.  DuPont has received appropriate regulatory approvals for this new polymerization technology enabling DuPont and customers to continue to meet exacting end-use requirements.  

In North America, 30% of DuPont industrial coatings have already transitioned to the new technology. Customers have been very happy with end-use equivalency and coaters have had zero application issues with this new technology.

This excellent performance and commitment to improved sustainable solutions is driving the majority of the product line to the new technology in April of 2012.  DuPont and Intech intend to have the majority of the industrial products supplied with the new technology in April of 2012, with the remaining products completed in June or July of 2012.

Based on internal testing, DuPont expects that the new products can be used as replacements for the historical products with minimal processing adjustments.

As always, thank you for your continued business with DuPont.   We are pleased to bring you new offerings that meet the sustainability goals of our industry and stakeholders. 

Please contact Chris Dohl at Intech Services with any questions (302-366-8530/

OLD CODE          NEW CODE             Estimated           Last Purchase
                                                             Release Date     for old coatings
420-104                420G-104             June 2012            April 2012
420-109                420G-109             June 2012            April 2012
420-129                420G-129             June 2012            April 2012
420-703                420G-703             April 2012           February 2012
420-713                420G-717             April 2012           February 2012  
532-1003              532G-1003           June 2012            April 2012
532-13032            532G-13032        June 2012             April 2012
532-13054            532G-13054        March 2012          First Come First Serve
532-5010              532G-5010           April 2012           February 2012
532-5011              532G-5011           April 2012           February 2012
532-5310              532G-5310           April 2012           February 2012
532-7000              532G-7000           April 2012           February 2012
532-7410              532G-7410           April 2012           February 2012
532-8000              Discontinued use 532G-8110                     
532-8110              532G-8110           April 2012           February 2012
851N-214             851G-214             April 2012           February 2012
851N-221             851G-221             April 2012           February 2012
851N-224             851G-224             April 2012           February 2012
851N-225             851G-225             TRANSISTIONED
852N-201             852G-201             April 2012           February 2012
852N-202             852G-202             February 2012     First Come First Serve
856N-114             856G-114             April 2012           February 2012
856N-200             856G-200             April 2012           February 2012
856N-204             856G-204             April 2012           February 2012
857N-210             858G-210             April 2012           February 2012
858N-100             857G-100             June 2012            April 2012
858N-917             858G-917             June 2012            April 2012
954-100                954G-300             March 2012         First Come First Serve
954-101                954G-304             March 2012         First Come First Serve
954-201                954G-304             March 2012         First Come First Serve
954-103                954G-303             April  2012          February 2012
954-203                954G-303             April  2012          February 2012
958-207                959G-204             March 2012         First Come First Serve
958-203                959G-203             March 2012         First Come First Serve
959-203                959G-203             March 2012         First Come First Serve
959-205                959G-205             TRANSITIONED
958-303                958G-303             April 2012           February 2012
958-313                958G-313             April 2012           February 2012
958-406                958G-406             June 2012            April 2012