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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Intech in the Community

Chris Lord, Intech Account Manager, helped with a Junior Achievement event at Forwood Elementary this past month. 

 Junior Achievement Biztown is a virtual town where kids get an understanding of how the finances of  businesses and communities are run.  At Forwood, the 80 5th graders were assigned jobs and responsibilities working for different entities like: town hall, a utility company, drug store, radio station, and the bank.   In this virtual workshop, the kids all have functions and earn two paychecks while they are participating.  They learn to open a savings account, make consumer and commercial deposits at the bank, and are able to make purchases with the money they earned from the other businesses.  Chris's function was to oversee the town hall group (Mayor, Rotarian, Town Treasurer, and Attorney) to ensure that they performed their jobs and worked as a team.  Their job was to get their peers to vote on a referendum.  Chris found that the kids got a lot out of the day and understand the real world.  Ironically, Chris's daughter Lucy's role was the CEO of DuPont Motor sports.   

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