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Monday, June 11, 2012

Roller 2: Free Freight thru June

Intech Services developed a custom designed and manufactured rolling machine built to roll your Teflon* coatings as specified by DuPont.
In response to customer input resulting from their field experience with the equipment, Roller II is designed to be used for a wide range of manufacturer specifications.

Through the month of June, we are offering free freight on the Roller II, which is an $85 savings to you.

Roller II New Features
Flexibility - Set speeds as specified by a coating manufacturers for any RPM between between 20 and 60 RPM
Ease of Use - Set the rolling time for any time up to 1 hour - after time has expired, roller automatically turns off
Extended Usage - For other, non Teflon* coating materials, the roller has an "over ride switch" - rolls until turned off manually

Roller II Includes Original Standard Features
- Specifically designed to meet DuPont product specifications
- Developed for Teflon* coatings contained in 1 gal. cans, 1 gal. jugs and 5 gal. pails - One machine for all sizes.
- Variable speed selection for each size
- Made for industrial environment
- Solid steel bars, cast in urethane and precision ground
- Gloss white, high quality reinforced fiberglass base with wide footprint for stability during operation
- 120 V, 60 Htz
- All parts are line replaceable
- One year warranty on all parts and labor

Why DuPont Recommends Rolling Teflon Coatings?
It is recommended that Teflon® Coatings be mixed by rolling the container in which it is delivered before it's first use and the first time the container is opened each day.  It is also recommended that it be rolled several times throughout the day it is being used.  This will contribute to consistent quality of application throughout the product's shelf life. 

First mixing should be accomplished on a roller system at 30 RPM for 30 minutes.  Mixing during the day for 10 minutes each time at 30 RPM is sufficient.

Use of impeller type mixers could result in a "sheer" affect on the floropolymers in the liquid, adversely impacting the quality of the coating.  Automated shakers and tumblers are not recommended, as their motion is too aggressive and can cause the liquid to separate potentially damaging the coating material.

Order this month to save $85

For more information on Roller II, visit or call us 302-366-8530      

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