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Monday, July 23, 2012

Intech's Mid-Year Report

Intech's Mid-Year Report is to present a comprehensive snapshot of our first half of 2012. At Intech, we work hard to stay on the forefront of our industry by working with DuPont™ to bring you new products in the Teflon® product line and working with our CoaterONE vendors to bring the best products in the market for your industrial supply and equipment needs.

New in 2012
Upcoming in 2012
  • Release of a NEW POWDER Primer for ETFE
  • Release of a NEW ETFE topcoat- more easily applied to a high build
  • Release of a NEW PFA and FEP POWDER Primer
  • Launching Intech’s NEW updated websitety Spray Tool
IndiInsider Updates: GenX Transition
DuPont™ is committed to bringing you a productline manufactured without PFOA with the timely transition to the GenX product line. Through the transition, we are committed to keeping you informed about the products you use. As the products transition, we post them on our blog: In February, we sent a projection for the transition. Below is an updated list with the products that have been transitioned in red print, products that are soon to transition in blue print, and updated release dates for the rest of the products.

GENX Transition: Transitioned Products , Soon to be Transitioned, and Updated Release Dates for Transition

         OLD CODE                   NEW CODE                Estimated Release Date

           420-703                                420G-703                      TRANSITIONED- July 2012
           459N-11100                         857G-030                       TRANSITIONED- 2011
           455N-11200                         857G-230                       TRANSITIONED- 2011
           456N-21200                         857G-130                       TRANSITIONED- 2011
           456N-21200                         857G-135                       TRANSITIONED- 2011
           459N-41105                         857G-040                       TRANSITIONED- 2011
           456N-41250                         857G-140                       TRANSITIONED- 2011

532-5010                              532G-5010                     TRANSITIONED-April 2012
           532-5011                               532G-5011                    TRANSITIONED- July 2012
           532-5310                              532G-5310                     TRANSITIONED- July 2012

           532-8000                              Discontinued use 532G-8110

          532-8110                               532G-8110                     TRANSITIONED- April 2012
532-13054                             532G-13054                   TRANSITIONED- July 2012
          532-7410                               532G-7410                     TRANSITIONED- July 2012

          850N-314                              850G-314                       TRANSITIONED- Jan 2012
        851N-214                     851G-214                   TRANSITIONED- April 2012
        851N-224                     851G-224                   TRANSITIONED-April 2012
        851N-225                     851G-225                   TRANSITIONED- April 2012
        852N-201                     852G-201                   TRANSITIONED- April 2012

        856N-200                     856G-200                   TRANSITIONED-April 2012
        856N-204                     856G-204                   TRANSITIONED- April 2012

        858N-917                     858G-917                   TRANSITIONED-June 2012
        953N-506                     953G-506                   TRANSITIONED- 2011
        953N-401                     953G-401                   TRANSITIONED- 2011
        954-101                       954G-304                    TRANSITIONED-March 2012
        954-201                       954G-304                    TRANSITIONED- March 2012
        954-103                       954G-303                    TRANSITIONED- July 2012
        954-203                       954G-303                    TRANSITIONED- July 2012
        958-207                       959G-204                    TRANSITIONED- March 2012
        958-203                       959G-203                    TRANSITIONED- March 2012
        959-203                       959G-203                    TRANSITIONED- March 2012
        959-205                       959G-205                    TRANSITIONED

420-713                              420G-717                          July/August 2012
          532-13032                          532G-13032                       July/August 2012
          532-7000                            532G-7000                        August/September 2012
          851N-221                            851G-221                         September/October 2012
          852N-202                            852G-202                         August/September 2012
          857N-210                            858G-210                         July/August 2012
          954-100                       954G-300                   August/September 2012
-303                       958G-303                   September/October 2012
420-104                              420G-104                         November 2012
          420-109                              420G-109                         November 2012
          420-129                              420G-129                         November 2012
          856N-114                            856G-114                         March 2013
          858N-100                            857G-100                         November 2012

          958-313                              958G-313                          November 2012
          958-406                              958G-406                          November 2012
          958-414                              958G-414                          November 2012

MSDS and Fact Sheets for Teflon®
We are in process of reorganizing the MSDS and Fact Sheets on the website. We are placing the date that they were last updated in the filename and placing them in folders to simplify finding the information you are looking for. The Folders are 420-Line, 532-Line, 699-Line, 850-Line, 950-Line, Thinners, and Discontinued Product. In the future newsletters we will include a list of updated MSDS and Fact Sheets.

We are anticipating our biggest and best I3 workshop yet-- Seats for our Chicago I3 workshops are filling quickly.
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Intech continues to expand in the last year: We continue to grow and bring on new employees at Intech to focus on specific areas of growth and our business in order to be of better service to you. In late 2011, Monica Trout was brought onto our team to be the Accounting Manager and Vicki Bobeck in Customer Service. In early 2012, we brough Kate Morgner on to focus on Marketing Communications. We hope you get the chance to get to know these employees and utilize them as a resource.

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