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Monday, October 29, 2012

Intech closed Monday, October 29

Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, Intech offices wil be closed on Monday, October 29. 

There is a strong possibility that we will also be closed on Tuesday, October 30.

The storm is expected to intensify during the day, hitting land sometime late tonight.  However, the early effects of this massive storm are already causing many problems.  Winds & rain are very heavy.  Fallen trees have caused power outages in some areas.  There is flooding in the coastal and low lying areas. 

Please feel free to email if you have any technical or product related questions.  We will be able to reply to email as long as there is power to our servers at Intech. 

Best Regards,

The Intech Team

Thursday, October 25, 2012

In the News: DuPont's Press Release about Sale to Carlyle

Since we sell RAL powders, many of you have been asking about the DPC sale to the Carlyle Group.  The DPC division has nothing to do with Teflon coatings that we distribute and the Industrial Finishing Division will remain a DuPont Division. 

The Carlyle Group has announced that in early 2013, it will purchase the DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC) business. Carlyle is an investment company, not a management company, so each business under the group still make their own decisions based on the interests of their own companies. For the Spies Hecker/Standox brands will keep their names and logos for now, but in the future will no longer have the DuPont name on them. All sales strategies will remain relatively the same after the purchase and customers are being assured that the company will perform better under new ownership.

 Body Shop Business recently sat down with Matt Robertson, North America Sales Director for DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC), to clear up some of these questions.  Click here to read the entire interview.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

“Thicker Quicker” - A New ETFE Coating System 532-6405 & 532-6412

DuPont™ and Intech are excited to announce the introduction of a new ETFE primer and topcoat that will provide a dramatic change in application and overall performance.  

Simply stated, DuPont’s 532-6405 ETFE Powder Primer and 532-6410 topcoat are the best ETFE products ever developed Wanna know why?  

New Powder Primer Technology Improves Application Efficiency
532-6405 Powder Primer goes on much thicker than liquid primer and creates a very strong, thermally stable bond.  

But here is the best part: powder topcoats can be applied directly over the powder topcoat!  This will save you a bake cycle, and the associated time and money.

New Topcoat Raises the Bar for Smoothness and Film Build up to 80 mils
532-6412 Powder Topcoat is a unique ETFE topcoat that combines thick film build capability with a glossy finish.  In our field trials, applicators raved about the ease of application and ability to consistently achieve smooth, thick coatings.  Hot flock coats of 532-6410 went on almost twice as thick as 532-6310.  Film builds as thick as 80 mils are no longer considered a pipe dream (no pun intended).

(Editors note: results will vary based on the geometry and mass of the part being coated.)

Superior Chemical and Thermal Properties to ECTFE
Yes, that’s right. ETFE has better chemical resistance and thermal resistance than ECTFE.  The New DuPont Fact Sheet for these products contains comparative test data that illustrates ETFE’s superior performance.

This superior performance, combined with the ease of application, will allow coaters to utilize ETFE in any situation where ECTFE is normally utilized.  

Download This Fact Sheet from our web site, or contact our office for the latest version.  Then share it with engineers and specifiers. 

Technical Support is Two Rings Away
Unlike other coating suppliers, Intech Services has dedicated staff to provide technical and product support.  Call us now and talk to one of our team members about these outstanding characteristics of these products.  We can also help you with product selection and application assistance.   If you can stump us with a question,
Product Availability
ETFE products are available for immediate shipment from Intech in 2kg & 10 kg containers.

Call, fax, or order online – whichever is easier. 

No long lead times.  No minimum order quantities.  NO BRAINER!

ETFE coatings are known for their outstanding chemical resistance.  However, these coatings are also extremely tough, electrically insulative, and provide good non-stick surface.  These outstanding characteristics make these coatings an ideal candidate in markets such as chemical processing, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and, food processing.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

In the News: DuPont's Coatings World Press Release

Check out DuPont's press release in Coatings World:

NOW IN STOCK at Intech- build thicker quicker- ETFE.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In the News: DuPont's Chemical Processing Press Release

Check out DuPont's press release on

NOW IN STOCK at Intech- build thicker quicker- ETFE.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Quality Shop Series: VOC Regulations

VOC regulations are very important for industrial steel or concrete painting and knowing these rules should be a priority. A VOC is a carbon compound that has atmospheric photochemical reactions that affect ground-level ozone formation. VOC regulations are becoming stricter, as seen in the Clean Air Act Mandate which has ozone regulations for VOC's, or the South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 113 which is the most restrictive rule in the United States regarding VOC's.

For more information, read this article regarding VOC regulations.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quality Shop Series: Laser Paint

Creating an efficient process in your shop can be a money saver to you allowing you to be competitive in your pricing and have less waste in your process.  We have come across a new tool that can improve your spray techniques and reduce waste in your shop.  Laser Paint is a tool that attaches to any spray gun gravity feed and siphon guns and will improve application technique in production or training. This tool is lightweight- only adding 2.5 ounces to your gun. For only $99, you can gain a lot of control over distance and technique in your shop.
There are two settings that improve technique:

Consistent gun to part distance = less waste, consistent thickness
The first setting is the Dual Laser Distance option in which the Sprayer sets optimum gun/part distance and laser paint provides immediate feedback when sprayer goes outside of pre-set parameters. Laser Paint utilizes two laser dots, that appear as one dot when you are at your optimal distance setting.  Any deviation from that distance will display two dots- identifying that you are no longer at the dialed in gun to part distance.

Reduce Overspray and Achieve 50% overlap
The second setting is the Single Laser Direction option which tracks direction and helps improve 50% overlap. By turning the dial drastically one way, on laser dot is removed so that sprayer can concentrate on direction only and achieve 50% overlap. 
Benefits to your Shop:
  • Improve spray techniques
  • Fewer defects and less re-work
  • Accurate targeting
  • Increase transfer efficiency up to 38.8%
  • Reduce Overspray
  • Decrease material consumption
  • Cut VOC emissions
  • Consistent thickness= better quality
SEE it for yourself! Click here to see a Video of Laser Paint

 Only $99- will pay for itself in one job with reduced material waste!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Intech in the Community: Delaware Mud Run

It is important to Intech to actively give back to our community through sponsoring charitable events.  Nicole McCall, an Intech Account Manager, and friends participated in the Delaware Mud Run in September.  Delaware Mud Run is a charity run and 100% of the proceeds benefit the Leukemia Foundation of Delaware.

The Intech Services Team BEFORE the mud run

The Intech Team AFTER. 

We love to support a good cause and it's a bonus if we can have fun while we are doing it.