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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quality Shop Series: Laser Paint

Creating an efficient process in your shop can be a money saver to you allowing you to be competitive in your pricing and have less waste in your process.  We have come across a new tool that can improve your spray techniques and reduce waste in your shop.  Laser Paint is a tool that attaches to any spray gun gravity feed and siphon guns and will improve application technique in production or training. This tool is lightweight- only adding 2.5 ounces to your gun. For only $99, you can gain a lot of control over distance and technique in your shop.
There are two settings that improve technique:

Consistent gun to part distance = less waste, consistent thickness
The first setting is the Dual Laser Distance option in which the Sprayer sets optimum gun/part distance and laser paint provides immediate feedback when sprayer goes outside of pre-set parameters. Laser Paint utilizes two laser dots, that appear as one dot when you are at your optimal distance setting.  Any deviation from that distance will display two dots- identifying that you are no longer at the dialed in gun to part distance.

Reduce Overspray and Achieve 50% overlap
The second setting is the Single Laser Direction option which tracks direction and helps improve 50% overlap. By turning the dial drastically one way, on laser dot is removed so that sprayer can concentrate on direction only and achieve 50% overlap. 
Benefits to your Shop:
  • Improve spray techniques
  • Fewer defects and less re-work
  • Accurate targeting
  • Increase transfer efficiency up to 38.8%
  • Reduce Overspray
  • Decrease material consumption
  • Cut VOC emissions
  • Consistent thickness= better quality
SEE it for yourself! Click here to see a Video of Laser Paint

 Only $99- will pay for itself in one job with reduced material waste!

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