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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

“Thicker Quicker” - A New ETFE Coating System 532-6405 & 532-6412

DuPont™ and Intech are excited to announce the introduction of a new ETFE primer and topcoat that will provide a dramatic change in application and overall performance.  

Simply stated, DuPont’s 532-6405 ETFE Powder Primer and 532-6410 topcoat are the best ETFE products ever developed Wanna know why?  

New Powder Primer Technology Improves Application Efficiency
532-6405 Powder Primer goes on much thicker than liquid primer and creates a very strong, thermally stable bond.  

But here is the best part: powder topcoats can be applied directly over the powder topcoat!  This will save you a bake cycle, and the associated time and money.

New Topcoat Raises the Bar for Smoothness and Film Build up to 80 mils
532-6412 Powder Topcoat is a unique ETFE topcoat that combines thick film build capability with a glossy finish.  In our field trials, applicators raved about the ease of application and ability to consistently achieve smooth, thick coatings.  Hot flock coats of 532-6410 went on almost twice as thick as 532-6310.  Film builds as thick as 80 mils are no longer considered a pipe dream (no pun intended).

(Editors note: results will vary based on the geometry and mass of the part being coated.)

Superior Chemical and Thermal Properties to ECTFE
Yes, that’s right. ETFE has better chemical resistance and thermal resistance than ECTFE.  The New DuPont Fact Sheet for these products contains comparative test data that illustrates ETFE’s superior performance.

This superior performance, combined with the ease of application, will allow coaters to utilize ETFE in any situation where ECTFE is normally utilized.  

Download This Fact Sheet from our web site, or contact our office for the latest version.  Then share it with engineers and specifiers. 

Technical Support is Two Rings Away
Unlike other coating suppliers, Intech Services has dedicated staff to provide technical and product support.  Call us now and talk to one of our team members about these outstanding characteristics of these products.  We can also help you with product selection and application assistance.   If you can stump us with a question,
Product Availability
ETFE products are available for immediate shipment from Intech in 2kg & 10 kg containers.

Call, fax, or order online – whichever is easier. 

No long lead times.  No minimum order quantities.  NO BRAINER!

ETFE coatings are known for their outstanding chemical resistance.  However, these coatings are also extremely tough, electrically insulative, and provide good non-stick surface.  These outstanding characteristics make these coatings an ideal candidate in markets such as chemical processing, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and, food processing.  

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