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Thursday, December 13, 2012

GenX Transition: 855G-021

GenX: DuPont has committed to no longer make, buy or use perfluorooctanoic acid, (PFOA) by 2015, or earlier if possible. A new DuPont technology includes a processing aid that enables DuPont to make fluoropolymers without the use of PFOA. With this new technology, DuPont has commercialized products for Industrial Fluoropolymers.  

Intech will be converting customers to the use of fluoropolymers made with GenX technology as these products become available and as our stock of the current products are depleted.  We will make announcements as each one of our products transition to the new GenX product.  The codes for the products are also transitioning.  

Based on internal testing, DuPont expects that the new products can be used as replacements for the historical products with minimal processing adjustments. 

Please also note that sales of these products will now be priced and packaged in kilograms (kg) instead of liquid weights (gallons).  

Products being transitioned:        New Code:                                
855N-021                                        855G-021

If you have any questions regarding how this will effect your application or business, please contact Chris Dohl (302-366-8530/

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