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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NACE Corrosion 2013 Presentation

Chris Dohl, Vice President of Intech Services, and Dr. Peter Huesmann, Principle Investigator for DuPont fluoropolymers group, attended and presented at the 68th annual Corrosion 2013 conference and expo hosted by NACE International’s Corrosion Society from March 17-21.  NACE International is the leader in the corrosion control community and is recognized worldwide as the premier authority for corrosion solutions. Corrosion 2013 is a gathering of a diverse range of over 6,000 corrosion professionals to focus on challenges having to do with corrosion such as oil and gas exploration, petroleum refining, water and wastewater, pipelines, and more. For more information on NACE, visit

Dr. Peter Huesmann presented DuPont’s NEW DuPont product offering (857G-508, 857G-018, 857G-575, & 857G-519) at the Threaded Fasteners: Coatings and Methods of Protection for Threaded Fasteners Used with Structural Steel, Piping, and Equipment event. His presentation included outside testing information of the new corrosion resistant coating including salt spray testing to 3,000 hours. Peter and Chris were contributors to the TG 148 event on Threaded Fasteners as well. 

Chris and Pete attended many presentations while at Corrosion 2013. These symposiums and meetings included Railcars: Coating Applications on Exterior Surfaces of Steel Railcars (TG 339), Coatings & Thermal-Spray (TG 146), Corrosion Protection of Offshore Wind Power Units (TG 476),Corrosion in Pulp, Paper, and Biomass Conversion Symposium (STG 38), and Oil and Gas Coating Technology Forum.

While at Corrosion 2013, Peter joined the STG-33, Oil and Gas Production- non-metallic and wear coatings committee for, demonstrating DuPont’s commitment to continuing to develop and improve corrosion resistant coatings and solutions for offshore applications such as offshore platforms, pipelines, oil and gas production, and subsea equipment.

To read more about DuPont’s corrosion resistant coating,

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