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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quality Shop: Summer in your Shop

Summer brings heat and keeping your employees cool and hydrated is important. 

Intech has added a new section to our website, “Just for Summer”. This is not just for fun, but a very fun way to stay cool under hot and humid conditions. We’re introducing a new line of MiraCool® products, Bandanas, Headbands and Tie Hats. MiraCool® technology keeps your neck or head cool all day long. Cooling crystals absorb water to work with the evaporation process. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns.

Beat the heat this summer with our new Just for Summer productsWe’ve also added a line of Gatorade® products. We carry dispensing containers, accessories, and Gatorade® liquid concentrate and powders. Not just for athletics, drinking Gatorade® can help your employees maintain peak performance at the work place. We have a variety of containers sizes and flavors of this popular sports drink. Dehydration & heat illness can cause serious problems. Make sure your workers stay hydrated by providing this beverage in your workplace.

More for the shop in Just for Summer: lightweight Tyvek coveralls and half mask respirators.

Tips for Applying Coatings in the Summer:

In the summer, your fluoropolymer coatings may spray differently.  Liquid coatings can be affected by humid conditions.  See our Insider from last month about humid conditions

Powder coating  application can be affected by environmental changes and thunder storms.  Keep an eye on barometric pressures and temperatures and how they relate to the relative bulk density of powder in the hopper.  Electrical storms in your area can also affect the electrostatics and transfer efficiency of powder coatings to your parts.

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