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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Disposable Glove Materials

There are four common materials that disposable gloves are made out of.  It is important that managers in the industrial industries understand these properties of each material to aid in choosing the best gloves for the job.

1. Natural Rubber Latex gloves (NRL) - This material is both durable and elastic; they provide a strong barrier to contaminants and resist a multitude of acids and ketones.  Latex is a known to cause  allergic reactions such as rashes.

View Details2. Neoprene gloves - This material is a synthetic chloroprene rubber made from petroleum.  It provides substantial resistance to acids, bases, and oils but lacks in resisting abrasion and cuts.  This material is a possible alternative for those who have latex allergies. 

3. Nitrile gloves - This a synthetic material exacted from petroleum.  It known to resist bases, oils, greases, hydrocarbons, and blood borne pathogens as well as resistance to abrasions, cuts, and puncturing.  This material responds to temperature which allows for an improved fit as gloves.

4. Vinyl gloves - Made from a synthetic plastic (PVC), this material has a good resistance to acids and bases.  Although vinyl is the cheapest of all materials it is not elastic or resistant to mechanical hazards. As gloves they are typical used in laboratories and the food service industry.

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