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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New 3-Coat Reinforced Marketing Piece

The 3-coat reinforced is the premium DuPont™ Teflon® coating line for end-uses that require non-stick, abrasion or scratch resistance,thermal stability to 500°F, and durability in a thin film coating. This water-based, multi-coat system is a unique blend of PTFE, PFA, and FEP combined with ceramic fillers. For additional durability, ceramic fillers have been added to the primer and mid coat layers. The primer utilizes On-Smooth technology.  Decades of innovation and technology by DuPont have led to significant performance improvement in this coating.  When your application requires the best coating system, DuPont’s 3-coat reinforced should be your choice.

We have created a marketing piece for you to utilize in your sales efforts with customers. You can download the pdf of this marketing piece here.  Also, please visit our website to see the landing page for the 3-coat reinforced coating. 

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