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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shades of Eye Protection

Infra-dura 2.0 IR
Infra-dura 3.0 IR
Infra-dura 5.0 IR

In the industrial shop not all eye protection is created equally.  Providing the proper protective eyewear that protects against specific job hazards is essential in safeguarding employees. 

For example, eye protection against ultra-violet and infrared radiation requires specific filter shades when working with molten metal, and in welding, cutting, soldering and brazing.  Eye protection against these hazards must have filter lenses with a shade number that provides the appropriate level of protection.  The shade number specifies the intensity of light radiation that is allowed to pass through the filter lens to the eyes.  The higher the shade number, the darker the filter and, therefore, the less light radiation that can pass through the lens. 

The following is a guide to help in the selection of proper eye protection with shade numbers. 

Operation                                            Recommended Filter Shade
Torch Soldering                                      2
Torch Brazing                                        3-4
Light Cutting up to 1”                              3-4
Medium Cutting 1”- 6”                             4-5
Heavy Cutting more than 6”                     5-6
Gas Welding, light up to 1/8”                    5
Gas Welding, medium, 1/8”- 1/2”              5

To properly protect your employees shop for your protective eyewear needs at

Visit OSHA for more information on eye protection including more on eyewear with filter shades.

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