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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Intech's Year in Review 2013

Intech's Year End Report is to present a comprehensive snapshot of our second half of 2013. At Intech, we work hard to stay on the forefront of our industry by working with DuPont to bring you the best coatings and information in the coating industry.  We also work with our CoaterONE vendors to bring the best products in the market for your industrial supply and equipment needs.

Highlights of the Second Half:
  • General industrial Teflon® sales ended the year at all all time high.  Continuing the growth of the industrial coatings market is a top priority for our sales and marketing team.
  • Intech continues to grow and develop.  In this last quarter, we expanded our Marketing Department with the hiring of two new marketing administrators, April Monigle and Cheryl Skurla.  
  • We successfully displayed at 2 trade shows, Fabtech and the ChemShow.  The Chem Show was a new show for us and proved to be a beneficial opportunity to reach new customers in the chemical industry. 
  • 2013 marked the 75th anniversary of the discovery of PTFE Teflon® coating by Roy Plunkett.

Insider Updates: DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings

2013 proved to be another great year for DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings.  Both Intech and DuPont are pleased with  the launch of two new products, the one coat corrosion resistant coatings and Tefzel®/ETFE coatings.  These products have been significantly promoted and invested by DuPont, especially in the North American region.  Sales have been steadily generating for both products and quickly adapted to serve the needs of our customers. We anticipate that these growth products will continue with excellent performance and sales in 2014.  

MSDS Updates
The following products have had updated MSDS or Fact Sheet information in 2013.  If you utilize these products, you can download MSDS and Fact Sheets when you sign into your account on our website.

Fact Sheet Updates
857G-018 & 857G-508

Welcome April and Cheryl!

We are proud to announce April Monigle and Cheryl Skurla have joined Intech Services in the Marketing Communications Department.  They will be assisting with the planning and execution of the marketing strategy.  With the addition of April and Cheryl, we hope to reach new markets and customers, while at the same time provide improved resources to our current customers. 

Please feel free to contact April or Cheryl to welcome them to Intech!

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