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Friday, January 31, 2014

Operational Cost of Electric verses Gas Oven

When shopping for an industrial oven, the one of the first questions your company will need to answer is whether your oven will be electric or gas.

The first instinct may be to go with electric, because an electric oven is often slightly less expensive than a gas oven. However,  in this case the bottom-line price of the oven is not the only cost consideration associated with your purchase. Generally the operational costs for an industrial gas oven will run much lower cost than the operational cost for an electric oven. In some cases, running an electric oven can cost about four times as much as a gas oven. Your operational savings will far out way the upfront cost of the oven and these operational savings are long term.

Here's a case study of a customer who is trying to decide whether to purchase an electric or gas oven. Here is a comparison of operational costs for this customer:

Electrical Energy Price ($/kW*hr): $0.10
Natural Gas Price ($/Term): $0.83

As you can see, it is three times as expensive to run an electric oven over the course of a year. In a few short months, a company could make up for the slightly higher initial costs of the gas oven and save the company money in the long run.  

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