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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hooks: Panel Hangers and Magnet Systems

In February, we are featuring hooks on our blog with some of our offerings from Mighty Hook. Mighty Hook manufactures hooks and racking systems to meet the specific needs of each customer for any powder or liquid industrial finishing job. Intech is proud to offer a very large and diverse line of reliable and economical hanging solutions for the industrial coating world.

Panel Hangers:
Made from cold-rolled sheet metal, with three different suspension holes at various distances for a normal wire hook, four-inch-long panel hangers can hold metal sheets with a thickness of up to 0.080" from one end and 0.157" sheets can be suspended at the other end. Custom sizes can be made, depending on your hanging needs. Spring stainless steel panel clamps can be attached to a product, then the product can be hung from one of the holes in the clamp.

Magnet System:
This magnetic system leaves few suspension marks and eliminates cooling problems. This system consists of magnet holders in zinc/aluminum, a magnet pressed into the holder, and a silicone rubber mask over the holder. Two metal plates are placed inside grooves on the side of the magnet. When too much paint has accumulated on the metal plates, the suspender can be fixed by replacing the metal plates.

For more information on hooks and hanging products, visit or contact MaryHartsoe (302-366-8530) to talk about your hanging requirements.

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