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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Introducing TruPak

Intech Services is proud to announce a new partnership with TCI Powder Coatings to create the TruPak program.

The TruPak program offers more than 300 of TCI’s most popular powder coating colors and chemistries in small packages available in 1, 3, 5, and 10 pound boxes.  These coatings come from TCI’s extensive product portfolio and are available in a variety of effects and textures that meet the quality demands expected from a powder-coating supplier.

"In case you didn't’t think we were listening, we were. For years, many of our customers have requested that we offer smaller packaging for those small jobs, sample jobs, or high cost powder coatings.  Now for the first time you can get more than 300 of our most popular coatings in smaller containers.  We have partnered with Intech to provide this service and are very excited about the additional service we can now provide,” noted Steve Houston, TCI VP Sales and Marketing. 

The TruPak program is ideal for sampling products, therefore eliminating the guesswork for color and product selection.  TruPak is also ideal for small coating projects or jobs that need small amounts of various coating colors or product types.  TruPak is backed by TCI’s 24-hour technical service, which provides support on process and material issues.  

Powder Coatings are available from the following product lines in a variety of colors: 

  • 3000 Series High Temperature Systems
  • 6000 Series Epoxy/Polyester Hybrid Systems
  • 7000 Series Epoxy Systems
  • 8000 Series Urethane Series
  • 9000 Series TGIC Polyester Series (meets AAMA 2603 requirements)
  • 10000 Series Superior Exterior Performance TGIC Polyester Systems (meets AAMA 2604)
  • Primers
  • Metallics

“Intech is excited to work with TCI to launch the TruPak program.  We have a huge selection of high quality powder coatings available in ideal container sizes.  These products can be easily purchased by telephone with our customer service team or on our CoaterONE e-commerce website”, commented Mike Patterson, President of Intech Services.

TCI has been a leader in the powder coatings industry for more that 25 years, offering superior powder coatings and unparalleled service.  TruPak’s powder coatings are manufactured from current high quality raw materials, which are made in the USA and offer competitive pricing.

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