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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weight Filled Containers with Calculated Coverage

Did you know that DuPont changed their method of filling containers of DuPont™ Teflon® coatingWith the conversion of the coatings to include the Gen X product technology, DuPont has moved to a standardized global container that is filled by weight, as opposed to being filled to a certain point in the container.  This new process measures the weight of each container in kilograms and ensures that every container has exactly the right amount of coating.  With the old system of filling containers, water based coatings would “foam” during the filling process, which could potentially cause a jug to be short-filled.  These problems will be eliminated and you can have confidence that your can or jug contains an accurate amount of material.

Each type of Teflon® coating contains a unique percentage of solids. Based on the individual solids weight, the containers are filled accordingly.  For example, a container of 954G-303 will look like it is less full than a container of 420G-703 because of the difference in solids. 

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