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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bruce Nesbitt: DuPont Plunkett Award Winner

Left to Right: Bruce Nesbitt, Mike Patterson, and George Osterhout
of Orion Industries at the DuPont Plunkett Awards

Intech Services is proud to acknowledge Bruce Nesbitt as a winner of the DuPont Plunkett Award. Bruce is the first coater to ever receive this prestigious award.  DuPont Fluoropolymer Solutions announced the Americas regional winners which recognize new, cutting-edge applications for DuPont fluoropolymers. 

The DuPont Plunkett Award winners were announced for 2013 and included among them is Dimension Bond Corporation's Bruce Nesbitt.  As the president of Dimension Bond Corporation, Bruce was recognized for his innovative use of fluoropolymers with his entry of Dimension Bond® Application Technology.  Mr. Nesbitt's entry was judged by a panel of regional experts who evaluate the submissions on their degree of innovation, sustainability, impact and breadth of use and commercial significance. The Dimension Bond patented technology allows bearing-grade material to be permanently bonded to produce parts that have a derived dimension and are lubricated for the life of the unit.    Using this patented technology allows almost any liquid-based coating material to be bonded with micron accuracy.  For more information on Dimension Bond Corporation visit their website.

The winning companies were honored at an awards presentation dinner at the Hotel duPont in Wilmington, DE on May 15, 2014.  Winning entries can be found on the DuPont website.

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