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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Product Series: Gatorade and Ice Pops

The Just for Summer section of our website is back! There are many great products for keeping cool and hydrated in a hot shop environment. Beat the heat this summer with these fun products!

Gatorade® ProductsDehydration and heat illness can cause serious problems, so make sure your workers stay hydrated throughout the day. Gatorade® cans, powders, liquid concentrate, and coolers and accessories are available in the CoaterONE marketplace. Not just for athletics, drinking Gatorade® can help your employees maintain peak performance at the work place. Choose from four flavors: orange, lemon lime, fierce grape, and fruit punch.

Sqwincher Ice Pops: Ice Pops are perfect for taking a quick break in a hot shop! Your coaters will love this cold, refreshing snack that quickly replaces electrolytes and minerals and rehydrates significantly faster than water. Ice pop packs contain an assortment of flavors, including lemon lime, cherry, orange, mixed berry, and grape.

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