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Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet Amy and Joe

As a part of our on-going communication with customers, we like to take the time to hightlight the strong partnership that exists between Intech and DuPont.  An important apect of this bond is the Teflon® coating expertise we receive from them.  As DuPont enters a transition in leadership,  Amy Moore and Joe McClung will help to make this change a smooth one.  New to the fluoropolymer solutions division, Amy and Joe will be available to assist our staff with all customer needs.  Please read on to learn more about Amy and Joe.

Amy Moore:
Amy's official job title is DuPont Industrial Finishes and Consumer Products Account Manager.  She will be responible for supporting Intech with any product questions and needs so that we can help YOU, our customers.  As a liason for DuPont, Amy will provide assistance to our sales team and sales program.  With a Chemical Engineering Degree from Drexel University, Amy began her career with DuPont in June 1992.  Some of Amy's career hightlights with DuPont include her first 10 years in technical roles at DuPont's plant in Deepwater, NJ.  During that time, Amy worked 12 hour shifts (days and nights) as team manager of operations on a start up.  Amy has been married for 21 years and has two sons-Nick (17), Dominic (16) and a daughter-Sydney (12).  During her free time, Amy enjoys spending time in Ocean City, NJ, watching her son's soccer games and her daughter's dance recitals.  Amy is also an active supporter of local fundraisers that benefit autism.

Amy can be reached at

Joseph McClung:
Joe's official title with DuPont is North American Business and Market Manager for Industrial Finishes (IF) & Release Coatings (RC) and Surface Protection Solutions (SPS).  He is responsible for the financial growth and profitability of both the IF & RC and SPS businesses.  This includes helping to manage the marketing and technical initiatives that help DuPont acheive their financial goals. As a result, Joe helps Intech be competitively balanced in the industrial finishes market.  Joe holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Virginia Military Institute (VMI) and an MBA from Drexel University.  Before starting at DuPont in April of 1999, Joe spent more than six years in the US Army, deployed to both Haiti and Kuwait.  One of the hightlights of Joe's military career includes meeting Presidents Carter, Bush (Sr.), and Clinton during his deployment.  "A very cool experience," says Joe.  Married for 20 years, Joe has one son, Carter (17) and one daughter, Caroline (16).  Duing his free time, Joe enjoys all types of college sports, especially wrestling.  His son is an accomplished high school wrestler with aspirations of wrestling in college.  He travels every March to see the NCAA Division 1 wrestling championship.  When he is not watching sports, Joe has taken up brewing his own beer, a new favorite hobby. 

Joe can be reached at

Help us in welcoming Amy and Joe to the DuPont Fluoropolymer Solutions family.

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