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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oven Refurbishment - Keep Your Industrial Oven Running Like New

As we are all aware, a properly functioning oven is critical to the successful application of DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings. Regular preventative maintenance is an important step in this process.  But what if your oven needs more than just calibration or a few new parts?  Precision Quincy can help you regardless of the oven brand.  The case study below highlights a recent success story where Precision Quincy refurbished a 40-year-old outdated oven back to new condition. 

During a recent preventative maintenance visit with a large OEM, Precision Quincy’s Service Technician discovered the oven had an extreme amount of byproduct buildup on every moving component, which also clogged the burner itself.  Replacing the oven would have been a huge unexpected expense causing a 2-3 week shut accruing addition expenses in operational downtime.

Precision Quincy suggested oven refurbishment as an alternative to purchasing a new oven. All moving components were replaced, as well as the outdated and defective burner controls.  It only took 4 days to rebuild the oven onsite, eliminating the 2-3 weeks of operational downtime involved in purchasing a new oven.  Precision Quincy was able to save the OEM over 7 times the cost of the rebuild, including operational downtime and new oven purchase price, by choosing oven refurbishment. The refurbished industrial oven now operates like new just as it did the day it arrived, 40 years ago.

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