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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

TCI Powder Coatings: 3000 Series High Temperature Systems

In a partnership with TCI powder coatings, Intech is now offering more than 300 of the most popular TCI powder coatings in 1, 3, 5, and 10 pound boxes through a program called TruPak.  These products come from TCI's extensive portfolio and are available in a variety of textures and effects that meet the quality demands that you would expect from a powder coating supplier.

There are several powder coating series offered through TruPak, but there are also some series that are not part of this program. These products are available in larger sizes by calling Ken Barnes at 302-602-8731. This article focuses on the 3000 High Temperature Systems.

TCI's 3000 Series High Temperature Systems is an extensive line of thermoset powder coatings for high temperature applications. The 100, 200, 300 series offer varying degrees of temperature resistance. These products can be formulated in a wide range of colors, gloss, and surface finishes.  

100 Series:
Used for many applications where parts will be subject to moderate temperature ranges, typically in the range of 400F – 650F. Applications include exterior of ovens, underhood car components, and lighting applications.

200 Series:
Ideal for higher temps applications that can subjected to temperatures up to 800F. Applications include BBQ grills, stoves, and engine parts.

300 Series:
For extreme high temperature applications that can withstand upwards of over 1100F. Although you may see a slight change in color and gloss, this product line holds tight to the surface for ultimate protection. Applications include mufflers and engine components.

To see more information on the 3000 series, please visit TCI's website.

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