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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Powder Coating Application: Tribomatic Static Charging Electrostatic Spray

Tribomatic static charging is the second most common method of spraying powder coatings, after corona charging. The powder develops a charge while passing through special hoses and guns. As powder contacts these non-conductive surfaces, friction causes the particles to lose electrons. These particles then develop a powerful positive charge. No high voltage or lines of force are used which allows for easier penetration of deep recesses. Tribomatic charging is efficient in developing a static charge within the powder, however, coatings must be specifically formulated for this system.

  • No high voltage sources
  • Better penetration into recessed areas
  • Slightly lower capital costs


  • Level of charge varies with powder chemistry and formula
  • Slower rate of application
  • Transfer efficiency is lower than corona charging
  • Requires more guns
  • Wears out parts faster

For more information about Tribomatic static charging, read TCI's Troubleshooting Guide.

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