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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spray Guns Platforms Available Through CoaterONE

CoaterONE has a large selection of spray guns with many combinations of gun platforms and feed systems. Here is some information to help you decide on the best platform for your shop:

Conventional spray guns use a basic high pressure. The coating is blasted onto the part at this high pressure using an air compressor. The high pressure finely atomizes the spray giving the coating a very smooth finish. Transfer efficiency for Conventional spray guns is typically 50% or less.

High-volume low-pressure (HVLP) spray guns increase transfer efficiency, typically to about 65%, meaning more of the coating actually makes it to the part instead of being wasted. With HVLP guns, air is delivered at much higher volume than conventional guns, but with a much lower pressure, so that more finish ends up on the part instead of in the air. HVLP guns are compliant with the California South Coast Air Quality Management District.

Trans-tech spray guns use low volume, medium pressures. Transfer efficiencies are normally about 60% or better. Trans-tech guns are the best of both worlds: the finish quality is almost that of a conventional spray gun with close to the efficiency of an HVLP spray gun. Trans-Tech is used where compliance is not required but cost savings is important.

Whether you know you need an HVLP siphon feed gun system, or you have no clue where to start with your gun purchasing, CoaterONE can help. CoaterONE makes shopping for spray equipment, spray accessories, and other coating products easy because all the supplies you need for your shop are just a click away in a single location. If you're not sure what you need, call 302-366-8530 for help selecting products.

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