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Monday, November 24, 2014

Breathe Easy with Reusable Respirators from CoaterONE

3M™ 5000 Series Respirators:
Disposable, Maintenance-Free Protection

3M™ 5000 Series half facepiece respirator has a simple and convenient design with minimal training required. The respirator comes pre-assembled with permanently attached cartridges for gas and vapor protection. You can easily add 3M particulate filters for added air-borne particulate protection. The facepiece is made from soft, lightweight thermoplastic elastomer. 5000 Series half facepiece respirators are ideally suited for intermittent respirator use and dirty applications where respirators wear out or become difficult to clean.
Reusable, Economical Protection

3M™ 6000 Series half and full facepiece respirators can be disassembled, cleaned, and reused, making them very cost efficient for environments that require long-term respirator use. The facepiece is lightweight and comfortable, made from thermoplastic elastomer, and it is very easy to adjust the head straps. Replacement parts can be replaced without difficulty, and cartridges and filters can be thrown away when they are used to capacity.

The Ultimate Reusable Respirator for Comfort and Durability

Like the 6000 Series, 3M 7000 Series half and full facepiece respirators can be disassembled, cleaned, and reused with new cartridges and filters when necessary. The difference between the two series is that the 7000 Series includes a 3M Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve, which makes breathing easier and reduces heat and moisture buildup inside the facepiece. Also, 7000 Series respirators are more comfortable for long-term wear because of their new Soft Seal Design. The full facepiece offers a double flange face seal and six adjustable straps to make sure it stays in place as long as you need it to.

Other respirator supplies are available here.

CoaterONE is the all-in-one resource for all your industrial coating needs. From respirators to rollers, and everything in between, the CoaterONE marketplace has all the supplies you need for the coating shop. For help deciding which respirators, cartridges, filters, or accessories will work best for you, call (302)-366-8530.

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