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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Getting The Right Oven: Not All Airflow Patterns Are Created Equal!

Before purchasing an industrial oven you will need to decide what airflow pattern best suits your process.  Selecting the right airflow is an important component to successful oven operation.  Coupling the wrong airflow with the wrong product configuration will create unsuitable results.  There are three basic airflow types commonly used:

Horizontal/Vertical: Air is supplied from the sidewalls of the oven and is returned to the ceiling of the oven.  Commonly used when parts are larger in nature and are loaded into the oven on a flatbed cart or skid.

Vertical: Suited when the product is hung or when small parts are placed on perforated shelves.  The shelf must be designed for minimal obstruction allowing the air to pass from the supply to the return. 

Full Horizontal: This pattern is used when product is hung or when loaded into the oven on shelves.  This airflow allows the re-circulated air to pass above and below each shelf, encircling the product with air.  

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