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Friday, January 23, 2015

Intech's Weight Loss Challenge - 2015 edition

When we got back from the holidays, everyone around the office was looking to be healthy and lose some of the extra pounds we packed on over the holidays. Chris Dohl, VP, organized a Weight Loss Challenge for anyone in the office who was interested. We teamed up 15 employees into 3 team of 5 and they created names for their teams. The three teams are: 

Team 1: Fit Simmons

Team 2: Hot Biscuit

Flabuless 5

The competition is a total of 9 weeks long and will go through the week of March 12th. Prizes will be awarded to the team who looses the highest percentage of weight, the team who is closest to their total goal weight, and the individual who looses the highest percentage of weight.   

In our first week, our 15 participants lost of combined weight of 29.2 pounds.  This is basically a small child...
bye bye little jimmy
Bring on summer bikini season!

Follow our weight loss on the blog until the final announcement is made!  

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