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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Intech Services Embraces Team-Based, Flat Corporate Structure

Intech is proud to join the ranks of elite, progressive companies that value innovation and cooperation by restructuring the established organization. 

In a bold move away from traditional corporate hierarchy, Intech Services adopted a team based structure as of March 2015. The company now boasts of a leadership team made up of President and owner Mike Patterson as well as Vice President’s Chris Dohl and Tony Abato; the Leadership Team functions as the center, rather than the head, of the company. “As Intech grows, it is important for our structure and culture to evolve accordingly. The traditional hierarchal organizational structure does not effectively allow for employee development and participation in the company’s growth.  I wanted to implement a structure that allowed individuals and teams to have responsibility and accountability for all areas of the company.  I am very excited about how people in different functional areas can work together for the greater good of the company, and the best part is that the teams are energized to make an impact,” says Mike. The remaining teams include the Product Teams which focus on goods provided, Functional Teams which focus on the services delivered, and Intech Teams, devised to maintain and continually broaden and deepen Intech’s unique identity. All teams operate at the same level resulting in a flat company structure.

The decision to evolve into the team model came from a desire to stay cutting edge and after extensive research on the benefits. This organization allows Intech Services to both attract the very best new prospects as well as insure the company prioritizes cooperation, cohesiveness, and creativity when serving clients. "I think the adoption of this process speaks volumes about the company as a whole…The expectations are set in place and all the tools are available to be successful…It’s not uncommon to discuss day to day business situations with counterparts selling a different product line, which is a very cool thing,” Ben Murrow, Teflon® Account Manager. The transition has been executed smoothly and everyone at Intech looks forward to what the future holds.

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