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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Hire Spotlight: Francesca Vavala

Francesca Vavala
Market Development

I am thrilled to join Intech Services this year in the role of Market Development. Since becoming a part of the team in January, my primary focus has been working with President Mike Patterson to produce and implement new policies that define and reflect Intech’s unique culture, attract exceptional new talent, and grow the company. The creation of the team structure, open PTO plan, company’s core values, and the ongoing project of writing a new handbook have been fulfilling and exciting. 

Recently, I have also assumed the responsibility of exploring potential growth in new markets for our partners. This opportunity is a great way for me to use my skills as a researcher, content writer, and presenter to benefit Intech and our clients. Customers will profit from my critical thinking and assessing potential opportunities to advance their business as well as reap numerous other benefits of my work with Mike to grow Intech’s services and strengthen its internal structure. Prior to working at Intech, I left my position as an English Lit teacher in a local private high school to pursue (and achieved) a successful career as a full time Realtor. My experience as an entrepreneur in sales and business development along with my passion for reading, writing, and researching provided the perfect skillset to step into my role at Intech.

When not at Intech, I enjoy running in perfect weather, getting to the beach whenever possible, petting all the animals, reading good books, and participating in local theater productions.

To reach me directly, you can e-mail me at  

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