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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Precision Quincy Ovens’ New Brochure: Chart Recorder Highlights

We are very excited about the creation of Precision Quincy’s new Industrial Ovens Options Brochure.

Intech Services represents Precision Quincy Ovens, an industry-leading manufacturer of many types of industrial ovens. For over 60 years, Precision Quincy Ovens have been used industry-wide across the globe.

For the past few months, Intech and Precision Quincy have been working hard to create a new client brochure.  The Precision Quincy Options Brochure is the perfect guide to selecting the right oven options for your process application.

Chart reorders provide a permanent record of your process times, dates, operating temperatures, and part temperatures.  Each pen records data from a different point.  For example, a recorder with two pens can use one pen to record the internal oven temperature and the other to record part temperature.  Chart recorders are ideal for recording batch processes and are an excellent choice for all industrial processes requiring logged data over an extended period of time.  

Honeywell DR 4300 Series
  • Most economical solution for recording one and two process parameters
  • 10 in circular chart recorder
  • Easy to operate and maintain, and is ideal for recording most applications that can be handled by analog recorders
  • No longer meets AMS-2750E standards
  • Standards in the near future may require digital recording
  • Honeywell DR 4301 - one pen to record on data point
  • Honeywell DR 4302 - two pens to record two data points

Honeywell EZ Trend
  • Cost-effective, general purpose electronic data recorder
  • Easily replaces paper strip chart recorders
  • Captures continuous and batch data electronically
  • Data is recorded in a secure digital format, eliminating errors that can arise from transferring data from a chart recorder to a spreadsheet for analysis
  • Recommended for future compliance
  • Digital touch screen display with 5” LCD to record 3+ data points

Don’t see what you need in the brochure?  Just ask us!

Click here to download the Precision Quincy Options Brochure

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