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Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Series on Coating Selection #2: Understanding the Part

This summer Intech Services will provide a series of blogs dedicated to the Teflon® coating selection process. In order to select the right product for your coating job, there are three important areas that need to be understood:
  • Understanding the Project
  • Understanding the Part
  • Understanding the End-Use Environment
Within each of these areas are vital questions that need to be answered to ensure the most effective coating for the job at hand.

The second in the summer series will focus on Understanding the Part.

Understanding The Part:
  • What is the substrate?
    • See Figure 1
  • What are the heat limitations of the part?
    • Low melt temperatures: Tin, lead, and zinc
    • Thin metal concerns: structural integrity, inability to hold heat, and grit blast limitations
    • Non-metals: Plastics, glass, wood
    • Lowest cure DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coating is 300°F
  • What are the part dimensions?
    • Can the part fit in the oven?
    • Is the part mass consistent?
    • Can the surface be grit blasted?
    • Will the part be able to hold heat for powder application?
    • Can it be removed from the end user's facility?

For additional resources on the coating selection process please contact us directly at 302-366-8530, refer to the Compass Corrosion Guide, or refer to our Comparative Property Chart. 

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