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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Press Release: Intech Services Launches Campaign Promoting Company Values

(Newark, De.) - Be More, Be Positive, and Be Creative with Intech Services.

Over the last 20 years, Intech Services has rapidly expanded, evolving from a coating supplier to a sales, marketing, and operations company focused on the industrial manufacturing segment. Intech started with an open and creative business environment, and still stays true to those principles as the company grows.

In 2015, Intech Services is communicating its original and expanding values to customers and employees by focusing on a new value every month. The Be Intech campaign is to educate new employees about how the company evolved into what it is today, as well as let customers know that Intech will still have the same great service that it started with. Be Intech features a different Intech value every month, including Be Original, Be Innovative, Be Essential, Be Unified, and Be Inspired. Each month’s message reflects the positive corporate culture and customer interactions Intech prides itself on. Together, these values describe the culture of the company, as well as what customers can expect when they partner with Intech. Check out next month’s value at

Friday, August 21, 2015

Teflon™ FEP and ETFE Coatings Marketing Pieces

Teflon™ FEP coatings provide outstanding low-temperature toughness and unique flame resistance, as well as excellent nonstick properties and a low coefficient of friction. 

Teflon™ ETFE coatings are exceptionally tough and abrasion resistant coatings with both water-based and powder offerings, high film build capabilities, and industry-leading chemical resistance.

To download a PDF of the marketing piece for FEP coatings, click here.
To download a PDF of the marketing piece for ETFE coatings, click here.

To see this information on the web, visit Intech Services website.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Series on Coating Selection #3: Understanding the End-Use Environment

This summer Intech Services has provided a series of blogs dedicated to the Teflon™ coating selection process. In order to select the right product for your coating job, there are three important areas that need to be understood:
  • Understanding the Project
  • Understanding the Part
  • Understanding the End-Use Environment
Within each of these areas are vital questions that need to be answered to ensure the most effective coating for the job at hand.

The third and final newsletter in the summer series will focus on Understanding the End-Use Environment.

Understanding the End-Use Environment:
  • What is the end-use service temperature?
    • See Figure 1 below.
  • Will there be chemical exposure?
    • Weak acids and bases: PFA, ETFE, or One Coats
    • Srong acids and bases: PFA or ETFE with thicker DFT
    • Vapors and permeation issues: Filled ETFE or PFA
  • Will the part be in contact with food?
    • All product lines have FDA-conforming products.
    • Primer and topcoats must all be FDA-conforming.
  • Are there any abrasion/durability concerns?
    • PFA and ETFE: Very tough with thick film capability
    • Ceramic reinforced specialty systems: 857G-040, 857G-140, and 857G-240
    • Filled PFA powder: Knight Armor PFA 532G-13032
    • PTFE One Coats: 958G-406 Abrasion Resistant Black and 958G-414 "The Green Monster"

Understanding the End-use Environment: What is the end-use service temperature?

For additional resources on the coating selection process please contact us directly at 302-366-8530, refer to the Compass Corrosion Guide, or refer to our Comparative Property Chart.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Measuring Up the Product: Part 2

Need to evaluate powder coatings offered by different manufacturers? Some products have different prices but appear to be identical. Which is the better value, which should you buy, and which product best suits your particular need? The following is information on evaluating powder coatings to help answer the above questions. 

In order to assess powder coatings, you first need to determine the minimum thickness required to meet your needs. The basic requirement will be to figure out at what thickness does the product you are evaluating hide the underlying surface. The coating thickness of the same product may vary depending on the substrate needing coverage.  Using this method, it may be easy to compare products.  If one powder has a much higher specific gravity than another, but hides at about the same thickness, then the lower specific gravity product will provide more square feet per pound when applied at the same film thickness and thus provide a better cost per square foot. 

If the products you are assessing are close, it may be necessary to spray out a test run using both products.  The test run must be long enough to accurately figure out how many square feet of surface area are covered per pound of powder.  Careful monitoring of thickness and square footage is essential for accurate results during the product test.  Following the trial run, it should be easy to compare the products, determining which provides the best gain by calculating the cost per square foot at the thickness required. 

Acquiring an accurate measure of the value of coatings plays an important role in cost control.  In addition, it is essential to control the powder coating operation to avoid putting on more powder than necessary.  It will do little good to buy a high-value powder if the application is chaotic and too much powder is being applied to the parts.  So your system efficiency will be an important part of your usage factor. Another important decision is whether you will be spraying to waste or reclaiming this product.  All these factors play a role in determining your true cost.

For more information from TCI Powder Coatings on powder coating evaluation, please refer to TCI’s Troubleshooting Guide or click here to contact us today to speak with our experienced team about how we can help you with your powder coating needs.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Precision Quincy Ovens’ New Brochure: Alarm and Timer Highlights

We are very excited about the creation of Precision Quincy’s new Industrial Ovens Options Brochure.

Intech Services represents Precision Quincy Ovens, an industry-leading manufacturer of many types of industrial ovens. For over 60 years, Precision Quincy Ovens have been used industry-wide across the globe.

For the past few months, Intech and Precision Quincy have been working hard to create a new client brochure.  The Precision Quincy Options Brochure is the perfect guide to selecting the right oven options for your process application.

Audible alarms are a great choice for large facilities with personnel responsible for multiple process areas and industrial processes where timely removal of product is imperative to proper cure.

Audio End-of-Cycle Timer: alarm with silencing relay (buzzer type)

Audio Excessive Temperature Alert: alarm with silencing relay (buzzer type)

Timers allow customers to preset times and turn on end-of-cycle tower lights and/or audible alarms.  Upgraded controllers could alleviate the need for timers.  The Precision Quincy sales team will be able to provide additional information on system integration and process needs. 

Digital Timer 1: manual timer to turn off heat source after time has elapsed

Digital Timer 2: auto start begins process time when temperature set point is reached

Digital Timer 3: Automatically turns off fans after set point cool down of oven has taken place

Don’t see what you need in the brochure?  Just ask us!

Click here to download the Precision Quincy Options Brochure

For new oven inquires, contact

For parts and service, contact

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Coating Markets for Teflon® Fluoropolymers: Oil and Gas

Teflon® coatings are primary used in the oil and gas field service category, a market that consists of some 8,000 companies with a combined $89 billion in annual revenue. The field service and equipment industry is very fragmented and while there are some large players (e.g., FMC, Schlumberger, Haliburton, Baker Hughes, etc.), over half of the companies in the oil and gas services market employ fewer than 5 people. Not surprisingly, there is a heavy geographical concentration in Texas and the Gulf of Mexico in the U.S., while activity in Canada is centered in the Edmonton and Calgary markets. The demand for coating parts is primarily driven by new equipment manufacturing. The U.S. government’s recently issued target to reduce oil imports from the Middle East by 75% by the year 2025 represents an additional market driver that promises to boost business growth significantly in North America.

Key Benefits of DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings:
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Anti-galling

Typical Applications:
  • Fasteners - Anti-galling with corrosion resistance
  • Subsea completions equipment - Anti-galling, corrosion resistance, and minor chemical resistance
    • Trees - Subsea trees also known as Christmas trees for above ground applications. Trees control pressure and use fluids and chemicals to control that pressure
    • Well Heads
    • Manifolds - stations of connection points where all the separate trees flow together, it’s where the oil and gas are combined and balanced from a pressure standpoint. Each tree has a different pressure and content of oil and gas and the manifold balances that pressure and content.
  • Sleds - termination junction points used to flow multiple jumpers (pipes) from the trees into one point
  • Separators - used in deep drilling sites to separate the liquid from the gas fumes and use that pressure to pump it up to the surface.
  • Pump parts - low coefficient of friction is utilized in pump parts, specifically in the oil and sand industry

For more information on the coating markets for DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings and resources available, visit our Solution Center

Friday, August 7, 2015

Intech's Mid-Year Report 2015

Intech's Mid-Year Report is a comprehensive snapshot of our first half of 2015. At Intech, we work hard to stay on the forefront of our industry by working with Chemours to bring you the best coatings and information in the coating industry.  We also work with our CoaterONE vendors to bring the best products in the market for your industrial supply and equipment needs.

Highlights of the First Half:

Chemours Transition:  DuPont is now Chemours. While you’ve probably heard a bit about Chemours in the last few months as they separated from DuPont, we would like for you to hear directly from the President and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Vergnano. We invite you to take a moment of your day to watch this video in which Mark shares his thoughts about their commitment to you, our customers.

Be Intech Campaign Over the last 20 years, Intech Services has rapidly expanded, evolving from just a coating supplier to a sales, marketing, and operations company focused on the industrial manufacturing segment. Intech started with an open and creative business environment, and we still stay true to those principles as we grow. We want to convey our values to our customers through Be Intech, a campaign that will allow our original values to shine through and continue to shape our corporate culture and customer interactions.

Trade Shows:  We successfully displayed at 2 trade shows, NACE in Dallas, TX and The Powder Coating Show in Louisville, KY. Attending such trade shows help to raise the awareness of Teflon® industrial coatings and Intech Services, capture leads from new buyers and prospects, and create and/or strengthen our industry relationships and partnerships.
Coating Markets for Teflon® Blog Series:  Teflon® fluoropolymers offer solutions for your coating needs. Learn which of our Teflon® fluoropolymer coatings meet your specific needs. We provided an in-depth blog series addressing the varied markets served by Teflon® coatings. 
For more information on the coating markets for Teflon® industrial coatings and resources available, visit our Solution Center.

Pioneer Series: Recently we established a new interview series spotlighting Teflon® industrial coaters. Through a series of interview questions, we highlight the long-standing careers of devoted Teflon® industrial coaters and their accomplishments in the field. With the pioneers' vision and ingenuity, Teflon® coating continues to be regarded as the elite fluoropolymer of choice. We plan to feature 3 to 4 companies per year. Visit our website to read about our featured pioneers.

New Teflon® Industrial Coating Marketing Literature:  Intech is partnering with Chemours to create sell sheets for all Teflon® industrial coatings. The new marketing pieces completed so far are PFAPTFE, and FEP.   You can download the available marketing pieces here

SDS Updates:  All Teflon® product SDS’s have been updated on our website. To see the updated SDS’s, create an account or login on our website.Company Milestones:Births:Emerson Mae Morgner was welcomed into the world April 30th at 11:54am, weighing 7lbs 12oz and 21.5 inches long.  Kate, our Corporate Marketing Leader, along with her husband J and son Barrett, are feeling blessed with their new addition.

Congratulation Morgner Family!

New Hires:Find out more about our new employees by clicking below:Francesca Vavala: Marketing DevelopmentAndrew Barnes: Account ManagerMark Berry: Account ManagerDaniel Rose: Account ManagerAshley Louth: Account ManagerWelcome to all our new employees!Anniversaries:Owner Mike Patterson celebrated 20 years with Intech in January.  Help us in congratulating Mike on this milestone!
Toy Drive:
In honor of the month of February, we put together a small toy drive for Nemours Alfred I DuPont Hospital for Children, one of the country's best children's hospitals that sits right in our backyard in Wilmington, DE.

We gave Intech employees the opportunity to buy new toys from a needed list from the Child Life Program, which helps bring activities and joy to the children staying here.  We are happy to donate to such a worthy cause. At Intech, we are committed to giving back to our community and this is just one of the ways that we do it.

Intech Weight Loss Challenge:After the new year, we started a friendly weight loss competition here at Intech. The competition was a total of 9 weeks long and wrapped up on March 12th. The group lost a total of 116 lbs!Prizes were awarded to the team who lost the highest percentage of weight, the team who was closest to their total goal weight, and the individual who lost the highest percentage of weight.

I3 Workshop Dates for 2015:
Our I3 Workshop is being held in Chicago, Illinois this year.  Don't miss this great training opportunity for employees. I3 Training Sessions 2015
We have two workshops from October 6-8, 2015.
  • Product, Markets, & Sales Strategies: October 6-7, 2015
  • VirtualPaint® Technology for Liquid Coatings: October 8, 2015
For more information click here.Sign up before September 8th for the Early Registration discount!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Be Intech: Be Inspired

Over the last 20 years, Intech Services has rapidly expanded, evolving from just a coating supplier to a sales, marketing, and operations company focused on the industrial manufacturing segment. Intech started with an open and creative business environment, and we still stay true to those principles as we grow. We want to convey our values to our customers through Be Intech, a campaign that will allow our original values to shine through and continue to shape our corporate culture and customer interactions. 

Be Inspired.
Here at Intech Services, we are inspired every day by our excellent staff and corporate culture. We recently transitioned to a flat, team-based structure that gives our employees the freedom and autonomy to come up with new solutions and innovations that would not be possible with a traditional work environment. We also hope to inspire our customers to pay the great service forward through our consistent quality and exceptional support from our motivated employees.