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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Precision Quincy Ovens’ New Brochure: Alarm and Timer Highlights

We are very excited about the creation of Precision Quincy’s new Industrial Ovens Options Brochure.

Intech Services represents Precision Quincy Ovens, an industry-leading manufacturer of many types of industrial ovens. For over 60 years, Precision Quincy Ovens have been used industry-wide across the globe.

For the past few months, Intech and Precision Quincy have been working hard to create a new client brochure.  The Precision Quincy Options Brochure is the perfect guide to selecting the right oven options for your process application.

Audible alarms are a great choice for large facilities with personnel responsible for multiple process areas and industrial processes where timely removal of product is imperative to proper cure.

Audio End-of-Cycle Timer: alarm with silencing relay (buzzer type)

Audio Excessive Temperature Alert: alarm with silencing relay (buzzer type)

Timers allow customers to preset times and turn on end-of-cycle tower lights and/or audible alarms.  Upgraded controllers could alleviate the need for timers.  The Precision Quincy sales team will be able to provide additional information on system integration and process needs. 

Digital Timer 1: manual timer to turn off heat source after time has elapsed

Digital Timer 2: auto start begins process time when temperature set point is reached

Digital Timer 3: Automatically turns off fans after set point cool down of oven has taken place

Don’t see what you need in the brochure?  Just ask us!

Click here to download the Precision Quincy Options Brochure

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