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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Press Release: Mike Patterson Celebrates 20 Years with Intech Services

Mike Patterson, President of Intech Services in Newark, DE is celebrating his 20th anniversary with the company this year. Mike’s start with Intech came when he was going through the interview process following college graduation.  He needed a job, and Intech offered him the opportunity to fill a “short term” gap in his search. At the time, Mike was one of four employees at Intech; it was co-owned by Mike’s father Bob Patterson and Bob’s business partner, Bob Kacmarcik. Mike’s mother Jean also worked at Intech, making it a genuinely small, family business. Like many small businesses, employees wore many hats.   In the morning Mike would work in the warehouse then spend the rest of the day doing technical sales and service, accounts receivable, order entry, customer service, labeling, and checking order supply.

His position with Intech enabled him to travel and gain a better understanding of Teflon™ coatings, cultivating an excitement for a career in Teflon™ coatings. Mike enjoyed having the opportunity to visit customers across the country and advise them on how Teflon™ could make their business better. Realizing he wanted to learn more, Mike decided to continue his education and completed his MBA in 1997. The practical knowledge he gained from his masters program left him better prepared to understand the mechanics of running a small business. However, his formal education was only the first in a number of steps he would take to evolve into the role of President and owner he has today.

While Mike’s evolution with Intech has had several significant milestones, the first was in 1998 when Mike bought part of the company from his father, Bob Patterson, part owner, who was retiring. Mike, now partners in ownership with Bob Kacmarcik, became president in 2006. Under Mike’s budding leadership, diversification and growth for Intech became priorities resulting in the development and implementation of CoaterONE marketplace in 2007. In 2009, Mike acquired complete ownership of Intech. While sole owner, Mike kept the influences of leaders before him top of mind. He combined his father’s strong knowledge of the technical side of the industry, including products, markets, and customers with Bob Kacmarcik’s keen understanding of business principles and strategy, as well as the political aspects of working with a large corporations such as DuPont. Mike continued to build Intech Services to be a resource for customers beyond just distributing. Mike saw Intech as a place to help customers with issues regarding coating, processing, equipment sourcing, shop layout, and so much more. He wanted to originate a program that allowed customers to interact with technical staff, improving their shop processes in a fun, interactive way. In 2009 he achieved this goal by establishing Intech Information Institute, or I3, providing a forum for coaters and technicians to meet face-to-face and discuss ways to use Teflon™ better.  By combining the wisdom of his influencers with his own drive to innovate, the future of Intech began to take shape.

Under Mike’s sole ownership, Intech upgraded to include new web capabilities, software systems, a company-wide transition to Apple platform, the addition of a marketing department, and more. In 2011, the company moved from a small office/warehouse to the larger, more modern facility it is in today. Mike’s unwavering commitment to invest in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of his business remains a source of motivation to his employees.  “Mike has the ability to inspire all of us at Intech Services.  He has been our lighthouse, providing a bright and clear strategic direction for us all over the past 20 years.  His leadership is what transformed this company from a single service organization to its current multi-platform sales and marketing company,” says Chris Dohl, Vice President.

As the company has increased from 4 to 24 people in the past 24 years, Mike’s greatest satisfaction comes from seeing his employees grow and the pride he feels in seeing their accomplishments.  “The team culture established within the company has allowed people the chance to create their own destiny, which is a really cool thing,” says Mike. Employees have already recognized Mike’s vision.  “Mike makes everyone feel like part of the team. He is a very approachable leader with a competitive nature and passion for success,” says Ken Barnes, Account Manager.

What does the future hold for Mike and Intech?  “I want to see Intech grow: the company, the culture, and the people.  My ultimate goal is to have Intech be a self-sustaining company powered by the employees. That is the evolution of a truly successful business. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished at Intech. However, we are not even close to being what I think we can and will be in the future.”

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