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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Intech

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you enjoy good food and time with family and friends this Thanksgiving. Our employees will be taking time to do the same and Intech’s office will be closed on Thurday & Friday, November 26-27. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Volunteer Day 2015 at the Sunday Breakfast Mission

Intech Services’ Community Service team organized a great opportunity to make the most of the holiday season. On the morning of Monday the 16th and afternoon of Wednesday the 18th Intech employees volunteered at Sunday Breakfast Mission: a local outreach organization that provides food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education opportunities to the homeless, addicted, and impoverished in the area.

The Sunday Breakfast Mission is a Christian faith-based organization that operates in the city of Wilmington where these problems sadly persist. Intech Services is proud to be associated with a local charity that is changing the lives of hundreds of people every day. On both days, our groups gladly packed boxes of food to give to families in need and cleaned up the common areas of the facility. The work was physically hard and emotionally rewarding. We all left with both a more acute sense of gratitude for all we have and a feeling of satisfaction for “being the change we want to see in the world.” 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Thanksgiving Celebration at Intech

Intech Services celebrated Thanksgiving a week early with a pot-luck lunch. Everyone was able to take some time out from their busy schedules to sit down, kick off the holiday season and give thanks for all the good fortunes that have come our way in 2015. 

We enjoyed all the traditional Thanksgiving fare including turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cranberry sauce as well as the less traditional main course of a turducken roll, which was quickly gobbled down.  While the food was delicious, the company and the atmosphere is what made the mid-day break special. We wanted to share our gratitude with all of our clients and customers who truly make our work meaningful and joyful. 

Happy Thanksgiving from our Intech family to yours.

Precision Quincy Ovens’ New Brochure: Beneficial Application Add-ons Part 2

We are very excited about the creation of Precision Quincy’s new Industrial Ovens Options Brochure.

Intech Services represents Precision Quincy Ovens, an industry-leading manufacturer of many types of industrial ovens. For over 60 years, Precision Quincy Ovens have been used industry-wide across the globe.

For the past few months, Intech and Precision Quincy have been working hard to create a new client brochure.  The Precision Quincy Options Brochure is the perfect guide to selecting the right oven options for your process application.
Beneficial Application Add-ons

Variable Frequency Drive: Variable frequency drive on the recirculation fan facilitates adjustable airspeeds. This allows for maximum temperature uniformity at maximum temperature while preventing coating blow off at lower temperatures. Variable frequency drives require the purchase of a Watlow F4 controller.  

Door Switch: Door switches are great for saving energy, especially when you load or unload your oven frequently. The optional door switch turns off the heaters and circulation system when the door is opened. 

Fresh Air Filtration: Filtration packages are connected to the fresh air inlet port and clean the incoming air stream. They are commonly used in powder coating, medical, and laboratory settings.

For more information and pricing on Variable frequency drives, door switches, and filtration packages click here to download the Precision Quincy Options Brochure.

Don’t see what you need in the brochure?  Just ask us!

For new oven inquires, contact
For parts and service, contact

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Coating Markets for Teflon™ Fluoropolymers: Commercial Water Treatment

The US commercial water and sewer industry includes approximately 5,000 companies who generate an estimated $9 billion in annual revenue. Their primary focus is on companies that provide equipment and services to communities, chemical facilities, and food manufacturers with water treatment issues. The commercial segment of the water treatment industry is relatively small compared to the $55 billion spent annually on water and sewage services by regional and local governments. With continued population growth and more stringent drinking water standards, the EPA estimates the industry will be spending some $280 billion to upgrade facilities during the next 20 years.

The market is concentrated, with the 50 largest companies (e.g., American Water Works, California Water, Aqua America, etc.) accounting for nearly 65% of overall revenue. The industry is expected to continue to consolidate, as larger companies find it easier to gain capital funding for expensive maintenance projects.

Key Benefits of Teflon™ industrial coatings: 

Typical Applications:
  • T bolts for ductile iron water pipe - anti-galling with corrosion resistance
  • Grates - releases build up of sediment material that occurs during the waste process
  • Pumps - minor chemical resistance and low COF

For more information on the coating markets for Teflon™ industrial coatings and resources available, visit our Solution Center

Monday, November 16, 2015

Success At Fabtech 2015

Intech Services found success at FABTECH 2015 in CHICAGO, IL. Fabtech is North America’s largest showcase event featuring technology, equipment, and industry leaders in the metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing industries.  
This year’s lineup included impressive keynote presentations, industry panel sessions, and special events throughout the four-day show. FABTECH represents every step of the metal manufacturing process from start to finish.  It’s where new ideas, products, and technology are highlighted through interactive exhibits, education, and networking. 

Intech is proud to have presented alongside the best minds in manufacturing while helping attendees find tools to improve quality, productivity, and increase profit.

Visit our
for more information on Intech Service’s products, services, and solutions.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Be Intech: Be Bold

Over the last 20 years, Intech Services has rapidly expanded, evolving from just a coating supplier to a sales, marketing, and operations company focused on the industrial manufacturing segment. Intech started with an open and creative business environment, and we still stay true to those principles as we grow. We want to convey our values to our customers through Be Intech, a campaign that will allow our original values to shine through and continue to shape our corporate culture and customer interactions. 

Be Bold.
In the last year, Intech has made some bold moves in order to allow the company to grow and achieve more. We are paving a new path in our company identity, moving beyond our humble beginnings to become an all-encompassing sales, marketing, and distribution resource for the coating world. Intech's bold policies, such as the introduction of a new flat, team-based structure, reflect the company's forward thinking and progressive culture. We also help embolden and empower our customers by providing all the tools and information necessary to achieve their goals.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Come Visit Us at FABTECH 2015!

We are at FABTECH 2015 in Chicago, IL from November 9th – 12th, which is anticipating 40,000 attendees and 1,500 exhibitors, and 100 conference sessions all under one roof.

In the finishing pavilion, you will find Teflon™ industrial coatings, TCI Powder Coatings, Mighty Hook, and Precision Quincy Ovens exhibiting. Under the umbrella of the TruCoater Network, Teflon™ industrial coatings is exhibiting in conjunction with TCI Powder Coatings in  booths #S4916 and #S5016

Precision Quincy in booth #S5644 with a 74-800 truck oven

The show provides a backdrop for visitors to experience live equipment demonstration, find cost savings solutions, and network with industry peers throughout the 500,000+ square feet of show floor throughout the A, B, and C buildings at the Georgia World Congress Center. The event also provides learning opportunities beyond the exhibits with over 100 educational sessions and expert-led presentations on the latest industry trends and technology in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries.

If you are going to be at the show, please stop by to visit us.  If you would like to attend the expo for free, click here to register for your free expo pass using the code FBGUEST.