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Monday, February 29, 2016

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Labels; Same Great Teflon™ Coatings

Intech Services is excited to keep you updated on the latest news about the spinoff of DuPont into The Chemours Company. Today, we are letting you know that the new labels for Teflon™ are here. While the product is the same Teflon™ you’ve known, used, and loved, the label’s look is brand new. Below is a photo of the new labels. The orange band and The Chemours Company logo are at the top. The code and coating description are in larger, block font. To read more about the spinoff to The Chemours Company, visit Understanding The Chemours Transition.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Teflon™ Pioneer Interview: Curt Jarrell

Curt Jarrell of Newco Industrial Services has had a long-standing, devoted career with Teflon™ industrial finishings, and has had several accomplishments in the industrial coating field.  He was one of the early adopters of Teflon™ and helped to shape the way the coating has grown and evolved to be a reputable industrial fluoropolymer. 

Newco Industrial Services is located in Fairburn Georgia and has been applying Teflon™ industrial coatings for the past five years. They specialize in applying technologically advanced coatings to enhance and improve the properties for release, nonstick, low friction, abrasion-, wear-, and corrosion-resistance, dry-film lubrication, galling, noise reduction, high temperature, and FDA-compliance. Curt generously took some time to speak with us and share some of his successes, challenges, and views on the future of the industrial coating industry.

Q:  When was your company founded?
 Newco was founded in 1996.

Q:  Who founded the company and why? 
Gerry Hicks founded Newco with the primary purpose being to serve the diaper industry. Actually, it was to serve the  equipment that manufactures diapers and feminine care products. The company was built around the equipment side of things that needed coatings. There was a need for coatings because diaper construction uses an adhesive that is very sticky. You can’t run the line without some kind of coating.

Q:  What was the first significant piece of equipment you purchased?
 We purchased grit blast equipment, ovens, and a spray booth all at the same time.

Q:  How would you describe the changes in the company from when it was first started to now
? The company has really expanded. We do a lot of work in the food industry. Our biggest segment is the automotive industry. We do a lot of work with the robots that build cars and a lot of the sealants that are used to seal the windows in and seal the body. Much of that requires coating because there is a lot of urethane involved. We do work with several companies in the food industry and feminine care industry. So the biggest change has been the overall expansion. The company is five times the size it was when it started.

Q:  What would you consider significant milestones in your company?
 Probably the most significant are the problems that we solve. We are a reliability- centered maintenance type company. So what we do is go in and do recall analysis, mode of failure for problems that they have, and keep their cost down and their manufacturing up to keep their run time up. An example of a significant milestone for us is at Mercedes. We had 27/28 reliability projects, which were initiatives we created for them within the past year. For us, the most significant milestone is serving our customers well. To be able to help them with their problems and make them more competitive and more successful with what they are doing. Coating fits into that because so many times coating will extend the life of a part making the process work better. For example, a significant milestone was enabling sugar manufacturers to go from forty bags a minute to sixty bags a minute with a more accurate weight. It saved them $600,000.00 a year on their line. Everything for us is customer centered, which is anything we can do to make things better for them, and coatings play a big role in that.

Q:  How has the coating industry itself changed over time?
 One of the big things we’ve seen, as coatings have been around a long time, is higher customer awareness, which sometimes can be negative. They see coatings as something that belongs on cookware, and we serve the industrial market. We have seen better performance, better durability, and better selection. Selecting the right coating for the right application has changed the perceptions of many. The greater awareness of coatings mostly came from the cookware industry and was not well understood in the industrial market until we come in to help match up the coating to the application.

Q:  When did you get your LIA license from DuPont?
 I’ve had 2 LIA licenses. I had one at my previous company and have one at my current company that I have had for the past 4-5 years.

Q:  How has being an LIA affected your company?
 The biggest effect is the credibility it creates. We have a lot of international customers: Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai, and Kia. The legacy of Teflon™ carries a lot of weight. So that is the biggest impact.
Q:  What is your favorite Teflon™ coating? 
My favorite would be Ruby Red. It’s just a versatile coating for the industrial market. It can do a lot of things: it has high durability and a strong chemical application, and you can use it where you need nonstick and abrasion resistance. It holds up well. You can change the thickness of it to accommodate a high wear application. Abrasion and chemical resistance as well as nonstick and overall ability to tailor to the application is pretty.
Q:  What excites you about the future of the coating industry?
 The thing that excites me the most is that coatings have been around since the 30s, yet in the future there will always a spot for coatings. They’re timeless. So, I don’t think we’ve reached the end of the road yet, and that’s pretty exciting.
Curt's contributions to TeflonTM and the industrial coating field as a whole are great successes within our industry. We extend our thanks to Curt Jarrell of Newco Industrial Services.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Case Study of AST, a Teflon Applicator

AST And PQ’s Partnership For An Equipped Industrial Oven Solution

The Intech team is proud to highlight an industrial oven success story from our vendor, Precision Quincy Ovens, an industry-leading manufacturer of industrial ovens.

AST/ACME needed new, durable industrial ovens for their latest application opportunity. After careful evaluation, AST chose Precision Quincy Ovens to meet the needs of the new project because of the design and build of the products. Through this agreement, Precision Quincy was able to provide AST with the highly intuitive, large capacity oven their new application required. With Precision Quincy, AST gained a state-of-the-art oven specifically created for their particular needs.

Precision Quincy has helped AST and its skilled employees:
  • Meet their new application needs
  • Change oven profiles quickly and easily with very low user error 
  • Avoid profiles that are too difficult to set, change, and monitor
  • Multi-task easily and without worry of improper cure
  • Save time and money
  • Produce consistent, quality parts because of consistent oven airflow and uniformity
  • Record detailed data using oven thermocouples, which enable AST to share the data to ensure customers the cure process was done correctly
  • Coat extremely large substrates, opening up many new application opportunities
  • Significantly decrease bake time by increasing ramp rate and reducing soak times
  • Record and analyze bake data to optimize all bake processes
  • Increase production and coating possibilities

Building a relationship with Precision Quincy for a new, custom, state-of-the-art industrial oven creates a long-term destination for AST’s business and provides a roadmap for moving forward, enhancing quality and growth in the industrial coating industry.

AST can protect their investment with Precision Quincy’s outstanding Preventative Maintenance service plans. These service programs are designed to suit the individual needs of any company and include emergency services and technical help. 

Click here to read the full case study. 

For information on new Precision Quincy ovens, contact

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Hire Spotlight: Courtney Prate

Courtney Prate
Content Editor

Intech Services is excited to announce the new hire of Courtney Prate. Courtney joins the Marketing Team as Content Editor. She provides the team with writing and grammar experience to enhance our brand and continue to grow the professional voice of our company’s website, blogs, social media, marketing materials, press releases, and emails. Since joining the Intech team, she has primarily been focusing her efforts on continuous blog posts, newsletters, and other Intech resources.

Courtney is currently a student at the University of Delaware, pursuing two Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Interpersonal Communication. She will graduate in the spring of 2016. Previously, she interned for Prestwick Publishing House in Smyrna, Delaware. The internship helped her to hone in on her writing and editing skills and prepared her to work on several tasks at once. The experience also expanded her proficiency in creating specific voices depending on target audiences. In her current position at Intech, she will be able to provide customers with unique writing and editing based on their specific audiences or marketing needs.

Outside of work, she loves freelance writing, reading a good book, playing the piano, drawing and painting, and going wine tasting with her large family of seven.

She can be reached at: